Upravit stránku

DEXIC μFablab moved to larger spaces!


Experience has shown that we need more space for an innovative laboratory. Our FabLab will still be referred to as µFabLab, despite the fact that it no longer deserves this name.

In DEXIC µFabLab, people can use a variety of equipment. Some devices, such as the Sinterit LISA 3D printer, require a lot of space. LISA can print really high-quality prototypes, but working with it is quite space-intensive. Furthermore, we wanted to provide µFabLab users with a convenient working space, so we chose to move.

In addition, in µFabLab we have also set up a shared space that can be used to discuss ideas, projects, or just to relax in a creative environment. We lacked such space in the original µFabLab and we wanted to offer users this option as well.

As part of a training program for young people interested in digital innovation and business, we organized one IoT workshop. We have purchased various equipment for these purposes and recently added other pieces that will allow our visitors to build and create new, more interesting projects.

Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).