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Programme: Interreg Europe

Project abstract: Aging of the population is challenge for all EU regions. But it means in the same time also an opportunity for Growth and Jobs as there is created great potential to deliver innovative solution for Home Care. Common challenge in all HoCare regions is unlocked potential to delivery innovation it this field. 8 partners coming from different EU regions decided to join forces and form HoCare project to address these challenges. Objective of HoCare project is thus to boost delivery of Home Care innovative solutions in regional innovation chains by strengthening of cooperation of actors in regional innovation system using Quadruplehelix approach and the aim is to do it by improvement of relevant Structural Funds thanks to the international policy learning. These improvements are planned to be at strategical level (by governance improvement) as well as practical ones (by support of high quality projects). As result HoCare promises to improve management structures (governance) of 7 above mentioned Funds. This improvements at strategical levels will be complemented at practical policy level by generation of 10 practical projects funded from tackled Funds. Project aims to positively influence efficiency, impact, level of project qualities etc. of Structural Funds in amount of: 190 000 000 EUR. These results will be achieved mainly thanks to SMART outputs delivered and thanks to 4dimensional international policy learning process. Initial content for it will be created by partners during Regional analysis, further investigated during 3 International Thematic Workshops. It will formulate 30 transferable Good practices and enable formulation of highlevel outputs: 3x HoCare Policy Thematic reports and 3xHoCare Policy Transfer Reports. Collected knowledge will enable project to contribute to EU external policy learning by organizing 2 international and 8 National HighLevel Policy Learning events. 800 participants will increase their prof. capacities thanks to these events.

Project duration: 1.4.2016 - 31.3.2020

Project objectives: The overall objective of HoCare project is to boost generation of innovative Home Care solutions in regional innovation chains by strengthening of cooperation of actors in regional innovation ecosystems using QuadrupleHelix approach. Project aim is to improve policy instruments in all cases Structural Funds tackling above mentioned objective at two levels. Strategic policy level will focus on the improvement of Structural Funds at national/regional level (management as well as strategic focus) to boost the generation and adoption of innovative products using of quadruple helix cooperation model, while practical policy level will focus on the generation of innovative project in the framework of Structural funds. Selected objectives target common issues identified by PPs, which are generation
of high quality projects, instruments’ efficiency, achieved impacts mainly in terms of growth and jobs and also partially in wider usage of available instruments. HoCare has additionally three thematic subobjectives related to the natural generation of innovation for Home Care in regional innovation chains. The first subobjective is to focus on generation of innovation through addressing unmet needs identified by 4th stakeholder group in quadruplehelix model means by formal carers (i.e. hospitals, social houses, elderly houses) and informal carers (i.e. family members) . The second subobjective is to focus on generation of innovation through public driven innovation processes. The third subobjective is to bring innovative Home Care solutions quicker to the market by using, again, quadruplehelix approach.

List of partners in HoCare project:

  • Nicosia Development Agency – ANEL (Cyprus)
  • Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Business Agency Association (Bulgaria)
  • National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (Romania)
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre (Lithuania)
  • National Healthcare Service Centre (Hungary)
  • Business Development Institute of the Authonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal)
  • DEX Innovation Centre (Czech Republic)

About HoCare project internationally

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