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EIT InnoEnergy HUB Czechia


At InnoEnergy, sustainability is about more than lowering emissions. True sustainability also means an industry that’s commercially viable, endlessly innovative, and highly competitive. We make this possible by supporting sustainable energy innovations which provide industry with risk free, pioneering new technologies that reduce energy costs, increase system performance, decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, create jobs, and increase competitiveness.


We help businesses and their employees remain competitive in the energy transition. Here you will find commercially viable products and services, professional courses and reports and publications on energy technologies, trends and challenges.


If your business has a proven concept that can help change the future of the energy industry, then we can help address the challenges and shorten the journey from lab to launch.



Are you an entrepreneur who wants to have a global impact in a sustainable world? Find out how we will strengthen your foundations, fuel your ambitions and mitigate the risk of business growth on a global scale.


InnoEnergy provides online and blended professional courses as well as post-graduate education programmes at Master’s and PhD level, covering the most in-demand, relevant topics within the sustainable energy sector.


EIT InnoEnergy operates at the centre of the energy transition and is the leading innovation engine in sustainable energy, bringing the technology and skills required to accelerate decarbonisation goals. This is made possible by leveraging our trusted ecosystem of 1,200 partners and 29 shareholders. Together we bring a constant pipeline of sustainable energy innovation to market. LEARN MORE 


The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy’s annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof. Each year, the event rotates among European cities, which have included Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and Lisbon. This year join us in Amsterdam as we delve into the topic of ‘The new Green Economy: balancing profit and purpose’. Are you wondering if this event is right for you? LEARN MORE 


InnoEnergy invested in more than 200 sustainable energy startups that are scaling their operations across Europe and the world. Many of the portfolio companies and their technologies and market segments in bioenergy & waste to energy, district heating, energy storage, gas & steam turbines, gas transmission, geothermal electricity, heating & cooling, hydrogen & e-fuels, hydropower, industry, municipality, natural gas, non-residental building, nuclear, ocean, off grid, offshore wind, onshore wind, power distribution, power transmission, renewable gas & biofuels, residental building, solar PC and transport & mobility are interesting also for Czech stakeholders - e.g. for energy holdings, corporations, businesses and public institutions.  LEARN MORE

A carbon neutral Europe by 2050

EIT InnoEnergy is spearheading the decarbonisation of Europe by leading industrial value chains in three strategic sectors: battery storage, green hydrogen and solar photovoltaics.

These industrial initiatives play a fundamental role in progressing the European Commissions’ updated Industrial Strategy, which forges a pathway for industry to become more sustainable, digital, competitive and resilient.

By supporting large industrial projects, we are directly impacting the energy trilemma: reducing the cost of energy, limiting greenhouse emissions and increasing availability and security – all of which ultimately play a fundamental role in realising our goal of a carbon neutral Europe by 2050.

Leading industrial value chains for batteries, green hydrogen and solar PV

EBA250 I European Battery Alliance

European Battery Alliance EBA250

EBA250 — the industrial development programme of the European Battery Alliance — is a project-driven community which brings together 600+ industrial and innovation actors, from mining to recycling, with the common objective to build a strong and competitive European battery industry. Learn more about EBA250

European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center

European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center

EGHAC focuses purely on accelerating the uptake of green hydrogen in Europe generated only with renewable sources such as wind or solar — as a key pillar for decarbonising our heavy industry, energy and transport sectors. Learn more about EGHAC

European Solar PV Industry Alliance

European Solar PV Industry Alliance

The European Solar PV Industry Alliance, aims to accelerate solar PV deployment in the EU by scaling-up to 30 GW of annual solar PV manufacturing capacity in Europe by 2025, facilitating investment, de-risking sector acceleration, and supporting Europe's decarbonisation targets. Learn more about European Solar PV Industry Alliance 


About DEX Innovation Centre

Founded in 2012 in Liberec, the Czech Republic, as a social entreprise with the aim to help societies through digital innovation and research. Currently the fastest growing Czech private innovation centre focused primarily on innovations in health, energy and mobility sector. An InnoEnergy Hub in Czechia since 2019, working with energy holdings, startups, VCs, initiatives and corporates. 

The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS) is designed for EU Member States and Horizon 2020 Associated Countries in Europe who are modest and moderate innovators (according to the European Innovation Scoreboard), and where Innovation Communities have few or no partners. Strategically, the scheme is an additional offer to these countries to facilitate their engagement with the EIT Innovation Communities.

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