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DEX Innovation Centre history

DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) was founded in August 2012 as a non-profit organisation in Liberec, the Czech Republic, based on previous many years research and innovation work under the brand of the Czech DEX company.

DEX Innovation Centre´s mission is until today to "Improve society by ICT related innovation and research". 

In the very beginning, our fields of expertise were Smart and integrated transport, Energy efficiency and Health and Well being. We operate in all of these industries until today. However, we also focus on broadband and ICT security, e-solutions, education and entrepreneurship support.

We have conceptualized, initiated, written, managed and implemented more than 20 successful international projects or initiatives. 

But this was our history. If you are curious, what we are currently working on, see our projects and news.

We cooperate and work with different stakeholders and target group including for example SMEs and startups, universities and research centres and public authorities.

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