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Our history

DEX Innovation Centre is a private innovation centre established in 2012 in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic. 

We believe that impactful digital innovation and research improve our societies through meaningful and needed co-creation of innovations.

In its 10 years of existence, DEX Innovation Centre focuses on activities on both, the national and international levels.

What did we achieve in last 10 years

€30.000.000 fundraised

 for innovative, impactful projects written by us. 

We gave life to 15 large-scale, innovative projects that positively affected thousands of people. Most of the funded projects focus either on Entrepreneurial support of startups and SMEs, Healthcare innovation, Education, or Energy efficiency.

One of our goals is to provide complex fundraising services from the very beginning of Idea Making, through Proposal writing and Project Facilitation to Project & Fund Management.

15+ Innovations, 50+ Products

co-created with our project partners, startups and public partners.

Our impact continues with Innovations that people use today, including:

  • Autoclusters Open Access Platform for cooperation between innovation actors in the automotive industry;
  • Accelerator methodology for business knowledge transfer that led (so far) to the co-creation of 35 products, mostly in the healthcare and energy sectors;
  • HoCare2.0 SME and Policy tools for impactful delivery and deployment of products & services for health and social care.


    100+ Startups

    participated in our own or co-organized acceleration programmes.

    We are proud of every single startup or technological team that we worked with and see a bright future for them. So far, the startups raised over 6.000.000 EUR and we are still counting. Here are the two hot picks from our Alumni:

    • Whalebone is the winner of the first DEXIC Accelerator batch. They offer zero disruption cybersecurity products to Telcos, ISPs, and enterprises around the globe. 
    • InoCure is developing advanced nanotechnological solutions for daily use in healthcare. Their solutions include faster, reliable, and cost-efficient drug testing. 

    1000+ Students

    trained, starting from secondary schools, through Universities to the Generation 50+.

    Let's not forget the students working on themselves in various training improving both hard & soft skills and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.

    The activities range from short, one-day, or weekend-long Innovation Days, through Summer schools to really complex and advanced training programmes such as HelloAI RIS training program focusing on basics of Artificial Intelligence and its use in modern healthcare; or Live Circular Canvas for structured learning experience in the circular economy. 

    Moreover, we established DEXIC FabLab, a one-stop-shop for rapid prototyping in the center of Liberec.

    Our Focus Areas


    The last few years showed that innovations in healthcare are critical for the advancement and mitigation of risks. Since 2018, we are part of EIT Health, a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU.

    Mutual cooperation brought the 4DigitalHealth Accelerator into life as a reaction to COVID-19 outbreak. In two years, we have trained 14 teams that are working on solutions to directly improve patient care, such as smart patches monitoring wounds, Virtual reality rehabilitation for the elderly; mental health services; or making communication between patients and medical staff easier

    Our goal is to inspire the young generation to be more involved in healthcare innovations. Thus we organize EIT Health Innovation Days in Czechia, where students meet entrepreneurs, healthcare specialists, and coaches to design innovative ideas addressing real-life healthcare challenges. In four years, over 60 students took part in EIT Health Innovation Days in Czechia and hundreds of them in other educational programmes focused on health.

    Innovations are not useful until introduced into the market. HoCare2.0 project supported SMEs and Public service providers to develop and deploy products and services for home care. In praxis, we supported 13 products to be used by the elderly and their carers to make the care easier; as well as 7 services, including Social Ambulance, The Nutritional Support Assistant and Casa Sicura telemonitoring service.  

    In Italy, in the moment of the highest peak of the outbreak, the doctors have been forced to decide, which patient will be connected to a lung ventilator and who not. According to MIT (source: https://e-vent.mit.edu/there was a shortage of 300.000 to 700.000 units in the US. In developing countries, the number has been predicted even higher.

    Our goal was to provide a solution that will be very cheap, easy to assemble, use local resources, and still provide safety to the users at the same time. The full design will allow using the ventilator as a device of the last instance – to use it in case there is no other way of helping the patient.

    We have developed an open-source repository of 3D printed parts, mechanical components, source code, and step-by-step tutorial for assembly, which is available to the community of makers under a CC license.


    The energy sector nowadays brings many challenges, including green energy and new sources of energy. Since 2019, we are part of EIT InnoEnergy and together, we are accelerating sustainable energy innovations

    Mutual activities resulted in the organization of several batches of Primer pre-accelerator that support innovators in the idea stage; co-organization of PowerUp! competition where Pocket Virtuality placed 3rd in the competition of 22 European teams with the virtual maintenance tool; or investments into the EIT InnoEnergy startups

    Our project PPI2Innovate taught public administrations about the PPI (Public procurement of innovative solutions), meaning that public institutions should ask for solutions that are currently not on the market. With the use of PPI, companies had to innovate, bringing solutions such as self-sufficient energy greenhouses that significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and utilities, or smart, multipurpose city LED lights that use motion sensors, air pollution monitoring, and communicate with meteorologists. 

    Moldova Power Accelerator helped 7 CleanTech, PowerTech, GreenTech, ClimateTech,d and Energy startups to better position their products on the market, as well as boosted sales through the validation of your customer segment, value proposition, sales process, and financial calculations. The winner, Uniqa Wall Systems, now offers pre-engineered, in-factory-made, energy-efficient, panelized homes that take up to a week to assemble on-site with Zero waste using sustainable materials.


    Education is important in all stages of our lives. We start our activities already with secondary school students and the teaching continues till generation 50+.


    DEXIC μFabLab is a modern technological one-stop-shop for people interested in a 3D printing, PCB, IoT or Robotization. During the last two years of operation of our innovative laboratory µFabLab, we have successfully implemented many educational programs and workshops to increase the digital and business skills of participants.

    It is a great example of a sustainable and still growing result from the New Generation Skills project.

    More than 2300 secondary school students were involved in a teaching process that encouraged their entrepreneurial spirit and taught them about the benefits of social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Speaking of sustainable businesses, we also teach (future) entrepreneurs how to reuse natural resources as much as possible to minimize waste and losses.

    University students, young scientists, PhDs candidates can select from a wide range of education programmes in Czechia, as well as abroad including EIT Health or EIT InnoEnergy Masters' schools. One of the most desired courses in the health sector is HelloAI RIS fills the knowledge gap about the practical aspects of the adoption of AI in medicine and over the years, it collected more than 1000 applications

    Project eDigistars faced the challenges of the aging population and their difficulties with employability. It was based on real professional cooperation of labor offices, training organizations, local government, and NGOs to create functional tools and trainings with certification for unemployed people 50+ in digital skills. 

    Selection of most impactful projects so far


    Project Accelerator started back in 2017 with the goal to support SMEs in accessing money, particularly in their early stage of development. Our task was to deliver a methodology for the acceleration programme that can be used across territories. 

    In 2018, we held the 1st batch of DEXIC Accelerator in the Czech Republic. Our project partners did the same in 8 other European countries. 

    The DEXIC Accelerator alone led to the acceleration of 22 teams, supporting them on their journey. In 2020, its methodology was used for the 4DigitalHealth accelerator focused directly on healthcare startups (14 teams), and Moldova Power Accelerator with a focus on energy startups (5 teams).

    However, the methodology is further being used in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia, so the real impact is much bigger.

    Take a peek at the video from the 2nd batch of DEXIC Accelerator in 2019.



    InnoSchool project tackled the need for system change to support weak entrepreneurial culture and low engagement in social innovation and entrepreneurship already at adolescent age. DEX IC was the author of the project.

    Age 16-17 when adolescents are in secondary schools is crucial to motivate and engage them in order to influence their future work and life career decisions.

    InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) was developed together with policy bodies, secondary schools, territorial business supporting actors, and organizations working in social services. It was piloted in 9 European countries, involving 90 secondary schools where teachers used a serious game, traditional teaching methods, and social media to develop the entrepreneurial mindset of the students.

    Students' projects focused e.g. the inclusion of children from foster homes to society, or audiobook recordings by the elderly, connecting older generations with the youngest.

    Check out the story of InnoSchool.

    Working with us

    We are always happy to talk about job opportunities with interesting people. Full-time or part-time, get in touch with us and we will do our best to find a solution that works for both parties. 

    You can check the currently open positions or get in touch with us at info@dex-ic.com

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