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Women’s History Month 2023: Celebrating Women in Science

This March, we join the world in celebrating Women’s History Month, a special occasion to recognize and appreciate the remarkable achievements of women across various domains of human activity. At Dex Innovation centre, we are passionate about research, science and innovation, and that is why we have chosen the theme of “Women in Science” for this month. We want to showcase the outstanding contributions of women who have enriched our knowledge of nature, technology and society through their scientific discoveries and innovations.

The ultimate springboard for your innovation journey is EIT Jumpstarter!

Apply for EIT Health Jumpstarter programme

You have a brilliant idea that can make a difference in the world. You have a passion for solving problems and creating value. You have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building your own business. But you also have some challenges. You don’t know how to validate your idea, develop your product, find your customers, pitch your solution or raise funds. You don’t have enough resources, connections or support to make it happen.

Womenture connects female entrepreneurs with an European network

Four innovation agencies, the Hungarian Design Terminal, the German Spinlab, the Estonian Technopol and the Czech DEX Innovation Centre, will launch their joint pan-European initiative on March 8, on International Women's Day. The main goal of the program is to make way for female entrepreneurs on the continent.

DEX Innovation Centre brings HeatTank technology to Czechia and Slovakia

DEX Innovation Centre visited several installations of the HeatVentors technology product called HeatTank in Budapest during last week. Together with InnoEnergy, we bring this unique technology of thermal battery for cooling and heating to Czechia and Slovakia for all market segments that want to decrease costs for energy related to cooling and heating with very short return on investment (between 3-5 years).

V4 Startup Force can significantly save you time

The winner of V4 Startup Force shared with us his feelings and experiences from the programme. 



We asked WisePorter, the successful finalist at V4 Startup Force Programme and winner of the autumn edition 2022, to find out her experiences with the program full of workshops, business meetings, and tailor-made mentoring as well as team building activities and social events during the final 7 days they spent in Budapest.

University of Pardubice Ph.D. students trained in presentation skills

Ph.D. students from University of Pardubice were trained on 27.1.2023 by DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) on presentation skills during a 1-day hands-on workshop at the premises of the University. The workshop has been based on DEX IC previous experience working on pitching and presentation skills with startups, technological teams and students as part of EIT Health Innovation Day, SCI-FI programme, DEXIC and 4DigitalHealth acceleration programmes and mentoring inside of EIT Jumpstarter programme for early stage startups.

Boost your business and take it across borders

We are very excited to share with you new startup programmes - the V4+ Innobooster and V4 Startup Force. These programmes are now open and you have the opportunity to apply for them.

We also offer programmes coming up, such as Womenture and new programmes from EIT Health. Read more below!

Need to find a job? Learn digital skills with DJ courses!

It has never been easier for unemployed young people and especially mothers on maternity or parental leave or to gain new digital skills. Digital Job Onboarding offers unique courses where you can learn everything and get a job easily. Read more.


The MyVA national piloting sessions have taken place in the November – December 2022 period. In all partner countries young and future entrepreneurs have tested the Mini MBA course, the platform, which is the developed open educational resource for future Virtual Assistants. Alongside useful information about how to set up an enterprise, the MyVA resources play an important role in understanding the use of the platform and the developed materials.

Flash back our top events held in 2022

We would like to remind you overview of our events that we managed to organize in 2022. You were part of it and we are proud we met live together. 

I am excited about technology developments and entrepreneurship in medicine

Through 7 modules and 5 bonus courses, the SCI FI programme gave young researchers the skills needed to transition and thrive as an innovator in the healthcare industry. Now that the course is over, we bring the interview with young researcher Albert Štěrba.

eDigiStars’ good practice video

Partners of the eDigiStars project using joined strength created a final video showing good practices from 8 different territories. We proudly represent to you the result of our work.



We wish you a merry Christmas and Happy 2023!

Christmas is coming... A time of magic and peace.
And a time to remember, to give, to believe.
We can slow down and give thanks.

Solutions to main challenges in digital health progress in the Czech Republic discussed

Selected startups and companies pushing digital health solutions in the Czech Republic (Vitadio, Carebot and Medevio) met on 9.12. with other selected representatives of the digital health ecosystem support including Ministry of Health under facilitation of DEX Innovation Centre to follow up on outcomes of the EIT Health Morning Health Talk from this June to discuss in more details the main challenges in the Czech Republic for further digital health solutions support progress.

University of Pardubice Ph.D. students trained on Design and Innovation thinking

Ph.D. students from University of Pardubice were trained on 1-2.12.2022 by DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) on Design and Innovation Thinking during a 2-day hands-on workshop at the premises of the University. The workshop has been based on DEX IC previous experience working with design thinking in designing own innovative initiatives and organizing events for university and PhD students as part of EIT Health Innovation Day, SCI-FI programme and mentoring inside of EIT Jumpstarter programme for early stage startups.


We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2022. What started out as a small business is now an established and fast-growing hub. It is 10 years of improving societies through digital innovation and research and making positive changes. 

eDigiStars ’Future – Sustainability of the project

Two megatrends are converging exponentially and on a global scale: technological advancement and population ageing. This phenomenon presages considerable changes in the socioeconomic landscape and cross-sectoral business models. 
eDigiStars project came to offer an innovative system that answers the challenges of both megatrends in an inspiring and easy-to-transfer way.

Currently open opportunities: Start your business from home as a Virtual Assistant

We would meet you during the our course called How to become a virtual assistant. We will meet in Liberec. The first course takes place on the 23th of November 2022. The second course is planned on the 30th of November 2022. What you can expect? Read further.

Despite the many challenges, the innovation in the Czech hospitals is taking off.

At the Morning Health Talk event, representatives from public hospitals, start-ups and research organizations came to HubHub Palace to discuss the engaging hospitals in healthcare innovation.

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