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What are business angels and how do they invest?

CE-Connector and DEX IC connects startups with business angels as people who invest their money in the initial phase of startups, in exchange for a participation in capital. Below you can read the advices from professional business Angels. 

Helping unemployed elderlies is important for us!

The DEX Innovation Centre was part of the second infoday where we sought answers for the needs of people, aged 50+ in Danube macro-region. Тhe participants, gathered in zoom meeting, learned more about the innovative eDigiStars system, built on three modules - POWER YOU, CAMPUS, and LABEL.

We know the winner of the Business Talent competition!

Eight creative workshop days in the open iQFABLAB and almost two hundred boys and girls from the Liberec region. Eight great projects. Two weeks of tension, which team gets the most votes from the public and waiting until the last minute for a summary of the expert jury. That was the Business Talent competition of 2021.

We help companies to use technology and much more!

To support the digitalisation of the region, we have launched our program to educate companies not only from the Liberec region.

How does the co-creation process work?

At the turn of March and April, we are preparing an online event that will help SMEs and care providers understand how the co-creation process works.

We created video stories of circular companies for the training programme

In Aarhus, all partners were trained as a basis for educating young people in the participating regions.

We had the first hybrid MyVa meeting in Prague

As part of the MyVa project, we organized the first meeting of partners and finally, we met some of them physically.

Students designed healthcare product during i-Day 2021 in Prague

EIT Health Innovation Day took place on Friday, November 5th in Prague's Paralelní Polis. During i-Day, they learned how to develop and present an innovative product. The winning team introduced BedBudy - a product that combines remote care and control of pressure ulcers. 


Use of CNC and engraving not only in companies!

For companies and hobby makers, who would like to start with CNC and engraving, we have prepared a thematic workshop within our digital laboratory DEXIC FabLab, which will help you learn the basics of working on CNC as well as the basics of engraving.

LABEL shows the digital competencies of people over 50 to employers

Surely we will all agree that digital literacy brings countless benefits in both our personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, digitally untrained people, most often of the older generation (50+), find it difficult to cope with new technologies and therefore they often remain disadvantaged by the possibilities of the digital world.

Main findings in the baseline study

In the TalentMagnet project we prepared study and a good practice catalogue to attract and retent talents in the region.

Event: How to Become a Business Angel

DEX Innovation centre was hosting a free webinar on How to Become a Business Angel on October 14th! Martin F. Herrmann is an experienced Angel Investor and Mentor, who is going to share his insights and advice on how to start investing in startups. After many years in leading managerial positions in the energy industry, he is now helping founders in living their dream of building great companies.

DEX IC is presenting you the new eDigiStars modules.

The DEX Innovation Centre was helping to create three new Tools for the eDigiStars project. We bring you POWERYOU, CAMPUS and LABEL modules, that are useful in helping 50+ people to be employable.

CAMPUS - special place for educating older workforce in digital competences

A special project, co-funded by the EU funds on the Danube transnational programme, gathers together partners from 8 countries on digital competencies for people over 50 years. “Building of digital entrepreneurial capacities of the elderly through the innovative training system”, or eDigiStars project aims to develop sustainable ecosystems which successfully turn older workers into digital self-employed entrepreneurs, helping both people to get desired skills as well as companies to remain competitive. 

Local stakeholders need to join forces to attract and retain young talents

What are the factors young talent find essential in a talent-friendly city? What can local stakeholders do to attract and retain young talents? Representatives of young generations tend to move to bigger cities because of promising job opportunities and a vivid lifestyle. However, they usually have a strong emotional bond with their hometowns. Small and medium-sized cities of the Danube Region can build on this emotional attachment and capitalize on the positive characteristics of cities to magnetize talents back when they are about to settle down. 

We learn to learn know how to work with the Live Circular Canvas educational program

In Aarhus, all partners were trained as a basis for educating young people in the participating regions.

InnoSchool 2.0 is coming!

InnnoSchool 2.0 is an improved and more user-friendly version of our learning system, which reflects the designs and ideas of students, teachers, but also partners who have used this system in practice.

Good practice catalogue is being presented by DEX IC

Good Practice Catalogue Includes results of related research, definitions of key terms, activities being done by various cities in this field across Europe, and documented best practices from the knowledge providers. Catalogue also capitalises the results of three projects with similar topic (EDU LAB, Youmming, Attractive DANUBE). It also contains the material to support stakeholder engagement, dissemination and policy work.