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Come and show what vision you can bring to Liberec City on 10. 6. in Lipo.ink

Liberec belongs youth! Workshop that helps promising teams to start their cultural mission for Liberec city. Is your team going to be the next city-idea-maker? 

Learn more about EIT Digital Health White Paper April 2022.

In April 2022, EIT Health Innostars published the results of their research on digital health in the Covid-19 pandemic. 12 countries participated in the survey. The aim was to find out how healthcare professionals perceive the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the development of digital health solutions and what solutions have been implemented in emerging European regions.

From Scientist to Innovators: only until the end of May

ONLY until the end of April is deadline for your application for SCI FI programme. Especially designed for young scientists and researchers in healthcare. 

Last chance to sign up for Ce-Connector!!!

The second CE-Connector Days was a free international online conference linking startups, business angels, public providers and business experts. The event was hosted by Poland. 


Read the details below.

What are the current new products and innovation in professional social care?

HoCare 2.0, HoCare extension and DEX IC connects experts from the branch of social works who lead, care about and bring innovation. Below you can read the story from the meeting of these professionals. 

Learn about opportunities that EIT Jumpstarter brings to students, researchers or early-stage startups on 7.4. physically in Prague and 8. 4. virtually.

EIT Jumpstarter helps promising teams to start their entrepreneurship journey. Is your startup going to be the next unicorn? 


First startups were supported by Business Angels and Public Authorities

Deals are done! Three project partners, seven supported startups, and more than 2,3 million EUR were invested by Business Angels and Public Authorities. Those are the actual numbers and we are not done yet!

Become a circular entrepreneur

On 14 and 15 May, a special workshop on sustainable entrepreneurship will be held for students of secondary and higher education. Be there and discover the circular entrepreneur in you!

Event: How to Become a Business Angel

DEX Innovation centre was hosting a free webinar on How to Become a Business Angel on the 23rd of March! Seen Aquin is an experienced Angel Investor and Mentor, who shared his insights and advice on how to start investing in startups. 

Co-creation proces in the private and public sector

We are preparing a meeting on 22 March for all those interested in innovative solutions in the field of health and social care. Be there and meet the pioneers in innovation among public institutions as well as entrepreneurs. 

Sberbank CZ launches Sberbank Business Accelerator with DEX Innovation Centre

Sberbank CZ has launched the Sberbank Business Accelerator program. Its aim is to find and support fintech startups and, in cooperation with them, bring product innovations and improve Sberbank CZ's services. Sberbank Business Accelerator was prepared in cooperation with DEX Innovation Centre. Startups interested in applying for the program can find all the necessary information on the website.

Digital transformation of companies - meet the partners for I4.0

We have an event coming up on the 30th of March focusing on the digitalisation of businesses to help you adopt smart technology, get involved and kick-start change! 

Jobseekers over the age of 50 have acquired a digital skills

DEX Innovation Centre and eDigiStars project focus on unemployed 50 people with a lack of digital skills. And this was important for the project's pilot phase.

Start using InnoSchool!

InnoSchool is in the finals, we are nearing the end, but this is the right start for all those interested and innovative elements of teaching - the program is ready and you can use it for free at your school!

Uniqa Wall Systems & Construction won Moldova Power Accelerator DemoDay!

Uniqa Wall Systems & Construction has won the Moldova Power Accelerator – acceleration programme for digital startups with impactful Innovation in the field of CleanTech, PowerTech, GreenTech, ClimateTech and Energy! They offer pre-engineered, in-factory-made, energy efficient, panelized homes that take up to a week to assemble on site with Zero waste using sustainable materials.

What are business angels and how do they invest?

CE-Connector and DEX IC connects startups with business angels as people who invest their money in the initial phase of startups, in exchange for a participation in capital. Below you can read the advices from professional business Angels. 

The mini MBA training package is almost complete! But what does it offer?

The Mini MBA training package helps to acquire business knowledge and tools for setting up virtual businesses aimed at both millennials and VET teachers / trainers.

Healthcare investing in times of COVID 19 and future expectations from experts?

The virtual panel discussion of DemoDay 2021 was moderated by Adi Gaskell. Panelists were discussing & sharing their experience with healthcare investments and its specifics, current barriers in the investment market, and outlook to what is coming in 2022.

Read the details below.

Helping unemployed elderlies is important for us!

The DEX Innovation Centre was part of the second infoday where we sought answers for the needs of people, aged 50+ in Danube macro-region. Тhe participants, gathered in zoom meeting, learned more about the innovative eDigiStars system, built on three modules - POWER YOU, CAMPUS, and LABEL.

We know the winner of the Business Talent competition!

Eight creative workshop days in the open iQFABLAB and almost two hundred boys and girls from the Liberec region. Eight great projects. Two weeks of tension, which team gets the most votes from the public and waiting until the last minute for a summary of the expert jury. That was the Business Talent competition of 2021.

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