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InnoSchool 2.0 is coming!

InnnoSchool 2.0 is an improved and more user-friendly version of our learning system, which reflects the designs and ideas of students, teachers, but also partners who have used this system in practice.

Join The Business Booster by EIT InnoEnergy in Berlin to check on 150+ energy startups

The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy’s annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof. Last year, the event was re-imaged in a digital context, bringing together 1,200 attendees at TBB.Connect. Now is coming back to Berlin. Be there with us.

Digitalization of health care discussed during EIT Health Morning Health Talks 2021 in the Czech Republic

The digitization of health care has been talked about for many years. Its goal is an effective way to improve the quality of treatment and patient care. It can be done in various ways. The first option is a centralized approach, requiring a large investment. The second option is decentralized, slower and based on the needs of patients, doctors and other health professionals. Experts on digitization and innovation presented their experience during EIT Health Morning Health Talks 2021 series, which is organized in the Czech Republic by DEX Innovation Centre.

Join us for CE-Connector Days on 9-10th June

The second CE-Connector Days is a free international online conference linking startups, business angels, public providers and business experts. The event is hosted by Poland. 


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Basics of 3D printing for your company!

Are you a Startup or a company that wants to start with 3D printing? We have prepared a workshop just for you, which will help you start working with this technology.

The process of developing devices to facilitate independence for seniors in their homes continues successfully.

As part of the HoCare 2.0 project, we continue to collaborate on the development of applications from Oscar Senior and Mediware, with the key activity in this development being the involvement of seniors in the design of the solutions themselves.

Student teams in the Czech Republic face social problems in the form of own social enterprises!

On March 25, we held a final meeting of student teams representing selected schools from the Liberec and Ústí nad Labem regions and presented their social entrepreneurial ideas created within the InnoSchool project.

Learn about opportunities that EIT Jumpstarter brings to students, researchers or early-stage startups on 13. 4. 18:00

EIT Jumpstarter helps promising teams to start their entrepreneurship journey. Is your startup going to be the next unicorn? 


Talent attraction and retention are keys for city competitiveness

To where and why do talents disappear from our cities? And why is it a problem? The new generation talents are extremely mobile, as they are looking for the best opportunities not only locally.

Tesla Medical wins DemoDay 2020!

4DigitalHealth is a partially personalized program that supports digital healthcare startups through mentoring and networking. Check out the winner and other startup pitches.

2300 students uncovered their social entrepreneurships spirit and skills before the start of the InnoSchool pilot.

Students from 90 European schools are learning entrepreneurial skills through a combination of computer game and classical education. 8 schools from the Liberec, Hradec Králové and Ústí regions are also involved in the pilot test of the InnoSchool educational tool.

7 video pitches from 4DigitalHealth and DEXIC Accelerator startups now available!

This year's batch of DEXIC Accelerator was highly specific. Together with 4DigitalHealth programme, we have been focusing on the field of digital health. After 6 weeks of hard work of all startups, mentors and our team, we come to the grand finale - The #DemoDay! 

Currently open opportunities for startups and students

Find out about currently opened or upcoming calls and opportunitites - pre-acceleration and acceleration programmes for startups, educational programmes or events for students. 

Join us for Pre-Jumpstarter workshop by EIT RawMaterials on December 8th

We invite you to the Pre-Jumpstarter workshop lead by EIT RawMaterials to increase your entrepreneurial skills and discuss business ideas. 

Let's meet on December 8th! 


EIT Health Innovation Day challenged multidisciplinary groups of health, social, technology, business and marketing students

EIT Health Innovation Day, organized virtually on 30.10., has challenged health, social, technology, business and marketing university students in 4 selected challenges related to digital health and telemedicine innovation needs in the Czech Republic. 

The day included forming of multidisciplinary teams, selection of challenge to work on, design thinking theory and practices in 3 stages throughout the day, pitching skills workshop and final competition between all teams. 

Czech Experts evaluated current trends in the field of circular economics

As part of the mapping of individual regions involved in the Live Circular Canvas project, we asked experts in the field of responsible and circular business about their views on the current situation in the Czech Republic. The questions were answered by Soňa Jonášová from Institut cirkulární ekonomiky (INCIEN), Dan Heuer from Fair Venture and Bára Kebová, Zachraň Jídlo z.s.

We will host EIT Health Innovation Day 2020 online on 30.10.!

We invite all business, health/social care, marketing, technology and PhD. students as well as healthcare professionals, startups and innovators for the EIT Health Innovation Days (i-Day) in Prague on the 30.10. 2020!

Mediware and Oscar Senior setting out with us on a journey to create new products through a process of co-creation!

In the HoCare 2.0 project, we get to its most interesting part. In an open call for small and medium-sized businesses, we have selected the two best ideas from companies Mediware and Oscar Senior to start the development of new products in collaboration with Czech Co-creation Lab and a group of seniors.

TBB.Connect - Your digital meeting point for the trusted sustainable energy ecosystem

EIT InnoEnergy’s TBB.Connect! from 4-5 November will bring together innovators and industry from all corners of the world – giving attendees the chance to create and trigger new sustainable business opportunities.