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SMEnergy receives EU funding to support service centres and pave the way for a bigger share of renewable energy use in SMEs

Small and Medium-sized business Enterprises (SMEs) are confronted with many risks and uncertainties when they consider adopting renewable energy. Will it generate a return on investment? What are my options, and how do I implement them?

How SCI FI 2023 changed Tomáš Pavlů’s life: A participant’s perspective

SCI FI is a unique program that aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of health and life sciences. It is a six-month journey that involves online and offline learning, mentoring, networking, and pitching. Tomáš Pavlů was one of the lucky participants who completed the full 2023 SCI FI program with an amazing presentation. In this article, Tomáš will share his feelings, expectations, challenges, and outcomes of this incredible experience.

Digi(re)START: Příběh úspěšné digitální transformace pro ženy po mateřské dovolené

V posledních letech se pracovní trh výrazně proměnil a digitální dovednosti se staly klíčem k úspěšné kariéře. Kurz Digi(re)START, který vytvořilo Inovační centrum DEX, nabídl jedinečnou příležitost pro ty, kteří chtěli svou digitální gramotnost posunout na novou úroveň. Program byl specificky navržen pro ženy vracející se po mateřské dovolené na pracovní trh. S osmi moduly zaměřenými na nejnovější digitální nástroje a techniky se účastnice nejen naučily nové dovednosti, ale také našly inspiraci a podporu komunity pro svůj profesní restart.

SCI FI 2023: A Success story from Team 6

The SCI FI program, or From Scientists to Innovators for Industry, is a unique course that helps young scientists transition from academic research to working in the pharma and medtech industries. DEX Innovation Centre is a proud partner of the SCI FI and is responsible for modules and cases included in the program. We are already planning the 2024 edition and we are excited to share more news in the near future!

Innovation Camp Led by DEX IC and KNL Seeks Patient Health Improvements in HealthLabs4Value Project

The Innovation Camp, organized by DEX Innovation Centre, recently focused on seeking patient health improvements as part of the HealthLabs4Value project at the Technical University in Liberec. This event emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing healthcare technologies and innovations, particularly aimed at enhancing treatments and care for patients with spinal injuries.

How V4 StartupForce and DEX IC helped Myco grow and innovate

Myco is a Czech startup that develops sustainable solutions for various industries using mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. The company was founded by MFA David Šohaj Minařík, who has a background in biotechnology. Myco’s vision is to create biodegradable materials that can replace non-sustainable materials and reduce the environmental impact.

Pioneering initiatives: DEX IC's five-fold impact on the Danube region

We're thrilled to announce our crucial role in five transformative projects under the Danube Transnational Programme, marking a significant step towards shaping the future of the Danube region.


Protančete časem, pomocí nové hry o Liberci!

Nová Online Hra "Tanec Skrytý v Čase" Odhaluje krásy Liberce a tajemný příběh Aloise Smutného, hlavního hrdiny, který zmizel neznámo kam.

DEX & 2023

In 2023 we embarked on an inspiring journey marked by meaningful collaborations and many innovative projects.

i-Days 2023: Igniting healthcare futures with two days of innovation, inspiration, and limitless opportunities

The recent conclusion of i-Days 2023 marked two days of fervent innovation, inspiration, and the creation of new opportunities in the healthcare sector. Organized by the DEX Innovation Centre in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University (ECON MUNI) and supported by Roche Czech Republic, this ideathon showcased the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration and its potential to reshape the future of healthcare.

Jaká cesta vede k úspěšné komercializaci inovací v českých nemocnicích?

Odborníci z oblasti inovací ve zdravotnictví sdíleli své zkušenosti a hledali možnosti využití perspektivních nápadů na akci EIT Health Morning Health Talks, jejíž 6. ročník uspořádalo DEX Innovation Centre jako EIT Health Hub v České republice. Letošní setkání přivedlo do Prahy 45 zástupců nemocnic, veřejných institucí, zdravotnických firem a startupů. Zahraniční hosté, Ing. Ewald Unger z Medical University of Vienna a Dr. Karen Law z Health Tech Enterprise, představili systém podpory inovací v britském prostředí NHS a přinesli cenný pohled na to, jak nasměrovat nové myšlenky k realizaci.

DEX Innovation Centre přináší unikátní technologii HeatTank do České republiky a na Slovensko

Ve spolupráci s EIT InnoEnergy uvádí DEX Innovation Centre na český a slovenský trh technologii termální baterie pro chlazení a vytápění. Nabízí řešení pro instituce, které chtějí snížit náklady na energii spojené s chlazením a vytápěním s velmi krátkou dobou návratnosti investice (mezi 3 až 5 lety).

V4 Startup Force Expands to Ukraine: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Growth in Eastern Europe

Design Terminal's V4 Startup Force program is expanding its reach to provide support to Ukrainian entrepreneurs. This program, established in 2018 with the backing of the International Visegrad Fund, aims to help successful startups in the region, fostering knowledge retention. With over 100 companies participating, 500+ business meetings, and a fourfold increase in applications, the program's success is evident. The V4 Ukraine program has the potential to revolutionize the B2B landscape, driving economic growth and job creation.

i-Day 2023: Fostering Healthcare Innovation and Collaboration in Europe

Are you tired of the same old approach to problem-solving? Have you ever wondered how startups and innovative organizations tackle challenges? We're going to explore a fresh perspective on problem-solving and how you can find potential solutions through an Ideathon. Roche, a leading company, will be our guide, offering a real-world case study to show you how to approach problems differently. Who knows, with the right approach you might find yourself as a winner heading to the international finals in Barcelona.

Unlocking the potential of young Life Scientists: Insights from SCIFI 2023 participants

SCIFI, "From Scientists to Innovators for Industry," empowers young life scientists to thrive in healthcare innovation. Transitioning from academia to pharma and medtech is challenging, but SCIFI offers real-life case learning and mentorship. With two tracks, the Full and Light Programs, both spanning three months, participants like Tomáš Pavlů and Joao Victor Cabral from the Czech Republic share their backgrounds, motivations, and what they expect from this dynamic journey.

Discover how Tasty Air, a dynamic VR/AR company, is revolutionizing education, training, and creativity through immersive technology.

As part of the groundbreaking VIBE project, dedicated to exploring the potential of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in education and medicine, we had the privilege to sit down with the visionary minds behind Tasty Air, a rising star in the world of VR and AR development. Tasty Air is a team of seasoned professionals with a passion for crafting cutting-edge applications, games, and projects, with a strong emphasis on creating interactive and gamified educational experiences.


The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, and with it comes a wave of innovative solutions. However, many of these groundbreaking ideas often struggle to make their way into the market or achieve widespread adoption due to structural challenges. This is where the DIGIVITALITY project steps in, offering a helping hand to accelerate the entry of healthcare innovations into the healthcare sector and facilitate their scaling up.

Revolutionizing Waste Management

DEX Innovation Center has been granted the prestigious opportunity to become a distributor of Bin-E products for the Czech and Slovak markets! At the core of this collaboration lies Bin-E, an AI-powered smart waste bin designed for public and communal spaces, offering a simplified approach to recycling and waste disposal.

DIGI(re)Start pro vaši kariéru!

Čeká vás návrat do práce, ale online nástroje jsou pro vás stále trochu na vodě? Naučte se plavat v digitálním prostředí a vyřešte nové pracovní výzvy s lehkostí.

AUREL CZ, a pioneer in the automotive industry, shares its successful journey into the world of VR and AR.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, the automotive industry stands at the forefront of innovation, embracing the potential of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to redefine its approach to development, design, and safety. AUREL CZ, a leading player in the automotive sector, has made remarkable strides in leveraging VR and AR technologies to revolutionize their processes, enhance client experiences, and pave the way for new possibilities.

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