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We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2022. What started out as a small business is now an established and fast-growing hub. It is 10 years of improving societies through digital innovation and research and making positive changes. 

Currently open opportunities: Start your business from home as a Virtual Assistant

We would meet you during the our course called How to become a virtual assistant. We will meet in Liberec. The first course takes place on the 23th of November 2022. The second course is planned on the 30th of November 2022. What you can expect? Read further.

Despite the many challenges, the innovation in the Czech hospitals is taking off.

At the Morning Health Talk event, representatives from public hospitals, start-ups and research organizations came to HubHub Palace to discuss the engaging hospitals in healthcare innovation.

EIT Health Innovation Day 2022: students designed innovations for healthcare

The i-Days brings together an experts from health with students from public universities and young people from start-ups. The EIT Health Innovation Day took place in the Czech Republic for the fourth time, this year at the Hybernská Campus. 

Liberec Regional hospital presented its initiative focused on creating software for the product life cycle management issue of 3D printing facilitation in hospitals

Liberec Regional Hospital organized a meeting for all healthcare professionals interested and involved in using 3D prints as part of pre-operational support. Currently, the hospital, thanks also to other cooperating parties of the 3Diamond proof-of-concept project financed through EIT Health RIS innovation call, is developing a software aiming for the product life cycle management issue of 3D printing facilitation in hospitals.

Currently open opportunities: I-DAYS are HERE!

We would meet you during the EIT Health Innovation Days (i-Days) in Prague on the 4th of November 2022! I-Days focuses on healthcare innovation, design thinking and pitch coaching through tackling real-life health challenges. What you can expect? Read further.

InventHEI partnership trained on Design and Innovation thinking

International partners of InventHEI partnership (including University of Porto and its Science and Technology Park, University of Sheffield, TTK University of applied sciences, University of Santiago de Compostela, Valahia University of Targoviste, and INOVA+ Innovation Services) aiming to enhance regional innovation ecosystems and promote innovation driven research were trained on 11.10.2022 by DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) on Design and Innovation Thinking. The training has been based on DEX IC previous experience working with design thinking in designing own innovative initiatives and organizing events for university and PhD students as part of Innovation Days, SCI-FI programme and mentoring inside of EIT Jumpstarter programme for early stage startups.

From Scientist to Innovators: improving the life of patients after spinal surgery

Hospital in Liberec and Bindworks are improving the life of patients after spinal surgery. 

Every year, between 250.000 and 500.000 people globally suffer a spinal cord injury. There is no reliable estimate of global prevalence, but estimated annual global incidence is 40 to 80 cases per million population.

Health and social care innovators meeting number 2

In cooperation with UJEP and ICUK, we held another meeting of stakeholders who are working together to improve home care in the Czech Republic.

B2B companies can set foot in the region with the help of V4 SUF

The V4 Startup Force scholarship program helps companies in building a network in the Visegrad region. The main goal of the program is to build bridges between the four countries, which became even more crucial in our current economic situation. Startups can apply for the fall semester until 11 September.

First 10 startups co-invested via CE-Connector ACIF

CE-Connector Angel Co-investment fund (ACIF) has achieved the first substantial milestone - 10 early stage startups across CE territories have been invested in cooperation of local facilitators, multiple business angels and providers of public leverage.

How to get digital applications into the Czech healthcare system? Czech Health experts and startups discussed at the EIT Health MORNING HEALTH TALK.

At the EIT Morning Health Talk event, representatives from public institutions, start-ups and insurance companies came to HubHub Palace to discuss the future of digitalization of the Czech healthcare system.

Learn how to create educational games with us!

On the first of September, we are launching an online course for teachers, students not only of pedagogical disciplines, leisure educators and all those who want to learn how to create an educational game (not only online). Up to 5 selected participants will also get the opportunity to attend a follow-up course in Rhodes!

European entrepreneurs and business angels meet and discuss on 3rd CE-Connector DAY

20 bussiness angels and founders across Central Europe revealed their experience from early stage angel investments during CE-Connector Day. The CE-Connector initiative that brings together a group of private business angel investors with public fund support to co-invest in start-ups.

HoCare continues and we have new outputs!

The HoCare partners have been given the opportunity to extend the project and prepare an update of the regional social care mappings in their regions

Co-creation in homecare - a good match?

Co-creation is a promising method to tackle aging society and and lack of professional carers. 20 SMEs and Public service providers in 6 European countries took part in the HoCare2.0 project and tested the co-creation method in development of their own products and services. 

The Open HoCare2.0 International Conference is over and the project is coming to an end, but we're moving on!

The final open trans-regional public conference HoCare2.0 organised by our Czech partners of the project took place on 15 June and is now successfully over. The event which took place virtually focused on presenting practical examples and approaches of co-creation and open innovation demonstrated in pilot tests from 6 countries. We engaged 20 SMEs and public service providers in the development of innovative products and services for home care.

Look back: Liberec belongs to the young people.

We have held an event in an unusual "format" hackathon. It was an intensive 14-hour workshop in which students and young people from Liberec and the surrounding area were given space. In a short time they had to solve urgent cultural challenges of their choice and corresponding to the current situation of the city. The event took place on Friday 10 June in the Liberec Business Incubator. The hackathon was organized by @DEX IC & @Lipo.ink in cooperation with the City
of Liberec and its initiative Liberec 2028.

Everything is complete, you're ready to go start with LiveCircularCanvas!

The Live Circular Canvas project and all its deliverables have been successfully completed and tested and are now ready for all those interested in circular entrepreneurship education.

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