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Live Circular Canvas

Which challenges does the project Live Circular Canvas target?

So far, welfare has been based on over-consumption of natural resources. To maintain viable businesses, we need new solutions to ensure that materials and their values ​​circulate in our society as long as possible and that losses are minimized.

Live Circular Canvas develops the key entrepreneurial skills of unemployed low-skilled young people and unemployed young adults (active or future entrepreneurs) to design and market circular economy products and services and create and manage their high value-added business.

Which objectives has the project Live Circular Canvas?

The skills to understand the circular business model are essential for low-skilled/low-qualified people for whom creating and running a viable (circular) business is significantly more challenging than for others.

Therefore, the project explores successful business models through the digital achievements of circular business in the EU and uses the examples to create highly innovative tools to help train young adults as part of a new curriculum for key business skills for circular thinking.

What are the expected outputs of the project?

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