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Privacy policy in DEX Innovation Centre, z. s.

  1. The administrator and processor of personal data is the DEX Innovation Centre, z. s., Rumjancevova 696/3, Liberec I – Staré Město, ID: 01112589 (further as "We")
  2. We process personal data for a necessary time, but not longer than 5 years in accordance with the purpose for which they were acquired.
  3. We acquire personal data based on:
    1. your agreement through our website (e.g. registrations to events, programmes, filling in a contact form, etc.)
    2. your written agreement
    3. in relation to and for the purposes of conclusion and performance under the contract between you and us
  4. Acquired personal data
    1. according to paragraph 3, point A (above), we process personal data for the purpose of performance of the activity or contract and to send commercial communication, to which you also give your permission.
    2. according to paragraph 3, point B (above), we process personal data for the purpose of performance of the contract concluded with a third party .
    3. according to paragraph 3, point C (above), we process personal data for the purpose of performance of a contract between you and us (e.g. employment contract).
  5. We take care of the safety of the personal data which we acquire from you. No unauthorized person has access to it.  The personal data is not transmitted to the other subjects for further processing without your permission, unless required by law or in case of protection our legal interests.
  6. You have the right to ask us which personal data, to what extent and for what purpose we process. This information will be provided by us for free latest 30 days upon your request, in emergency situations latest in 90 days. You will be informed about this extension in time. We have the right to verify your identity and, if necessary, have the right to request additional information to identify you (e.g. officially verified signature) before providing the requested information. It is our right to reject information requirements that are unreasonable, inappropriate, or unnecessary or difficult to obtain (typically from backup systems, archive materials, etc.). You have also the right to ask us to correct or to delete the personal data gained in accordance to paragraph 3 point A and B (above).
  7. If you have doubts about our processing of personal data in accordance with valid legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union, you have the right to object this and we will subsequently verify the eligibility of the request.
  8. You have the right to address the objection to the processing of personal data processed by us at the appropriate office: Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7.
  9. You have the right to withdraw consent with the processing of personal data and also to ask to delete registered personal data. The right of erasure doesn’t relate to processed data in performance to the contract, legitimate reasons or legitimate interests. When data is stored in backup systems that automatically provide the resilience of all systems and perform data loss protection in case of a crash, it is not possible to erase this data from backup systems, as this is not technically feasible. However, these data are no longer actively processed and will not be used for further processing purposes.
  10. If you have any questions about our Privacy policy, please contact us an email to info@dex-ic.com or on our address listed above in paragraph 1.
  11. Our website stores the following information about your online activity: IP address, opening web page, http answering code, identification of browser and operating system, and display resolution. This information is processed by us for optimization of our website, to increase user comfort and for purposes of legal protection and legitimate interests.
  12. Our website is using technology for gathering and saving information with help of cookies into your devices. Cookies are small text files that are not sent or processed anywhere. Cookies don’t acquire your personal data, but without these files, we are not able to ensure the full functionality of our website.
  13. If a visual (photographic) or audiovisual (video) record is made at our event, such a fact is stated in the invitation to our event. A visual or audiovisual record is used for our internal needs or reporting needs to the financing authority and can be used on our website or social networks in the presentation of our work. However, each participant to our event is able to tell us should he/she does not want to be recorded and we will not do so.

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