Upravit stránku

TalentMagnet addresses major societal challenges caused by the outmigration of highly-educated young people, primarily from small- and medium-sized towns in the Danube Region (brain drain). Our project intends to address these challenges by improved multilevel governance, targeted policy instruments and practical tools to attract and retain talent – tailored to the specific needs of small municipalities. The biggest increase in emigration rates has been recorded in the Danube area. This has grave demographic and labour market implications: countries from that area experience a shortage of highly educated labour force.

Limited institutional capacities and lack of prior experience of public bodies, other relevant stakeholders (especially in smaller towns) in the region hinder effective combating against outmigration of young workforce.

The main objective of TalentMagnet is to strengthen multilevel governance and improve institutional capacities to reduce the outmigration of talented young workforce. The main result of TalentMagnet is an established new multilevel and transnational governance model/tools/plans for talent attraction and retention, by more effective, wider and deeper transnational cooperation across the DTP.

Project acronym: TalentMagnet

Project title: Improved Institutional Capacities and New Multilevel Governance for Talent Attraction and Retention in the Danube Region

Programme: Interreg Danube

Duration: 07/2020­ – 12/2022

Partner countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine

TalentMagnet project is co-funded by the European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).

Project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalentMagnetProject/

Project website: TalentMagnet