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Which challenges does the project 4STEPS target?

4STEPS project is addressing the main challenge of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) as a tool towards a new, digital industrial revolution holding the promise of increased flexibility in manufacturing, mass customisation, increased speed, better quality and improved productivity and its development is supporting the RIS3 in the target regions in the different sectors.

SMEs in the target regions are lagging behind in the adoption of innovative tools and solutions proposed by I4.0 revolution and need to increase transnational collaboration in facing this challenge.

Which objectives the project 4STEPS has?

Main project objective is to support the successful RIS3 implementation applying the I4.0 to all the industrial sectors identified by each region. The innovative elements of 4STEPS will be the methodology applied based on the involvement of all the actors of the quadruple helix, thanks to a bottom-up approach.

SMEs will be the main target and they will be involved via the CE network of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)– including also the relevant stakeholders of the R&D sector, governance actors, society thanks to a holistic approach. 4STEPS will lead to an improved level of innovative and productive methods and application of I4.0 in the regions of Central Europe.

Thanks to a Catalogue development of main possible services offered, a Technology Maturity Level Index development, Transnational Action plan and the creation of the Digital Innovation Hubs, tested during the pilot actions.

What are the expected outputs of the project?

1. Mapping of individual regions - mapping of companies from all regions and their current situation in the field of digitalization of production - 50 companies / 1 region (a total of 350 companies)

2. Catalogue of services - a summary of the main possible services offered by Digital Innovation Hubs

3. Development of the technological maturity level index - an indicator of technological readiness of companies

4. Transnational Action Plan - a plan of activities and objectives that will help develop the regions and set up a successful continuation of the activities started by the 4STEPS project

5. Creation of digital innovation centres, tested during the pilot action - centres to support the digitization of companies, facilitating the transfer of technology and the environment for the development of employees and companies.

Which partners cooperate on 4STEPS project?

  • CZECH REPUBLIC: DEX Innovation Centre
  • HUNGARY: Pannon Business Network Association
  • AUSTRIA: Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
  • ITALY: CNA Emilia Romagna + RE:Lab s.r.l
  • POLAND: Regional Development Agency Bielsko-Biala
  • SLOVENIA: Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia
  • GERMANY: Virtual Dimension Center

What is the duration of the project? 

1. 4. 2019 - 31. 3. 2022

Where to find more information about the project?