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Project Accelerator is the perfect stepping stone for start-ups and beginning businesses

24. 02. 2017

New project Accelerator of which DEX IC became a partner has just started. If you are a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) who needs a capital and has no or lack of skills to get it, if you are business support organization, stakeholder, investor or other financing institution, it is targeted right at you.

What is the main reason why we decided to join this project? We are active in entrepreneurship and business support, so we would like to improve start-ups ecosystem by establishing a successful accelerator, easily because there is not any of this in North East Bohemia. As we cooperate with local start-ups, young innovators, and other SMEs, it is logically in compliance with our mission. We would also like to offer the chance for local investors, stakeholders or other institutions to invest their money meaningfully. We will become a kind of facilitator or mediator of linkages or partnerships of these different target groups. 

Project Accelerator, within thirty months of its duration, will create an international network of acceleration programs with our partners from Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, At the very beginning of the project we will run the pilot acceleration program to prove the concept, measure the impact and secure policy level impact thanks to cooperation with relevant public authorities. All these steps will lead to creating of regional action and business plan.

We will be in close contact and cooperate closely with other experienced project partners and transfer good practices from different regions to Liberec region. It will help us to offer better acceleration services.

For more information about project ACCELERATOR and its activities in North East Bohemia, please do not hesitate to contact us: jan.forman@dex-ic.com

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