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Innovations and new products or services should meet the customer's needs. Sadly, this is not always happening. Therefore, we participate in public and private projects as an ecosystem enabler - we facilitate the growth of the ecosystems through means mentorship, connections or market access.

What do we do?

We aim to support the delivery of impactful innovation, which fits customer needs - solving pains or creating gains. We use different approaches – User-Centred Design (UCD) for the creation of smart products, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to prove if we are going the right way, Pilot testing in the real business environment, or Capitalization & Exploitation of advanced technologies that are necessary for economic success.

4What did we achieve so far?

As a result of all our activities mentioned above, we have been part of enabling 10+ innovations, developed 40+ products and co-created 6+ enabling
ecosystems. Find out more about a few of them.


Project Accelerator focused on the exploration and piloting the path of innovative acceleration programmes towards better business support in the Danube region. It had a strong transnational dimension - Regions with well-performing innovation systems and partners with successful acceleration schemes assisted weaker regions or partners with limited experience.

We co-created a brand new methodology for the organization of a successful acceleration programme with a focus on all crucial aspects of startup development, as well as 16 new products (acceleration programmes) in 8 European countries. In the Czech Republic, the product is called DEXIC Accelerator.


Project SMART4MD was implemented to provide an innovative patient support tool to develop a mHealth application that is specifically targeted to patients with mild dementia. The SMART4MD tool helps patients to adhere to their treatment, reduce the progression of their illness. This will slow the patients’ cognitive and functional decline, avoid carers getting exhausted and reduce costs of emergency care. 

While using user-centric design (focus groups, interviews, tests), we have developed the SMART4MD app for tablets based on simplicity, memory helpers, reminders, photos, information sharing with carers and doctors and easiness of use for the patients.

NewGenerationSkills Methodology

Young generations have the potential to be pro-active engines of innovation. Project NewGenerationSkills was unlocking youth’s unexploited potential starts at a local level by developing their skills and competencies and creating an enabling environment to help their innovative ideas grow into ventures with high social added value, potentially taken up by the private & public sectors transnationally.

We co-created a new methodology for interweaving innovation and youth entrepreneurship support that contributes to bridging the gap between education and new skills needed for new job positions. This methodology helps the youth in transition from education to the labour market leading to better economic performance, lower brain drain and increased quality of local working and living environment. 


The goal of LiCEA project was the development and application of SMART tools that allow the discovery of numerous unexploited energy-saving opportunities in regional industrial clusters along the supply chain of SMEs. 

Our role was the testing of the Tools with 20 SMEs (out of 120 SMEs in total) from the plastic industry. Together with other partners, we have reached a cross-sector breakthrough in energy efficiency through energy auditing applied in a life cycle perspective. 

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