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AUREL CZ, a pioneer in the automotive industry, shares its successful journey into the world of VR and AR.

27. 08. 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, the automotive industry stands at the forefront of innovation, embracing the potential of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to redefine its approach to development, design, and safety. AUREL CZ, a leading player in the automotive sector, has made remarkable strides in leveraging VR and AR technologies to revolutionize their processes, enhance client experiences, and pave the way for new possibilities.

A Multifaceted Enterprise in the Automotive Industry

AUREL CZ boasts a diverse range of activities within the automotive industry. Their primary focus is 3D measurement and digitization, playing a crucial role in the development of vehicles for the esteemed VW Group. In addition to this, the company is ambitiously building its own test Polygon and has a dedicated test laboratory for pedestrian protection. Traffic safety is another domain they excel in, and their production department features a continuous degreasing line and passivation lines, phosphating as well as cataphoretic painting.

Choosing VR/AR for Enhanced Visualization and Realism

Rather than merely following the trend, AUREL CZ's adoption of VR/AR tools has been strategic and purposeful. They employ VR to achieve superior visualization of traffic situations and products, offering clients a heightened awareness of intricate details and realistic impacts. This approach not only enhances client engagement but also provides the company's teams with an unprecedented level of understanding of their projects.

AUREL CZ's VR/AR Journey

The company embarked on its VR/AR journey in 2018, opting to utilize Meta headsets with the powerful Unity engine. A team of three adept professionals is dedicated to content development, while ten others proficiently operate the headsets and make minor adjustments. The master programmer continuously hones his skills through self-learning and online resources, while headset operators exchange valuable experiences among themselves.

Choosing the Right VR/AR Hardware and Software

The hardware arsenal of AUREL CZ's VR/AR endeavors includes Meta Quest 1, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and HTC Vive Pro. While multiple options are available, the team primarily relies on Meta Quest 2, citing its superior quality-to-price ratio as a major advantage. Regarding software, AUREL CZ employs Unity, Sidequest, Visual Studio, and Blender to develop captivating VR/AR experiences.​​​​​​

Overcoming Challenges

Though AUREL CZ has experienced tremendous benefits from VR/AR, they have also encountered challenges. Among these, optimization has proven to be the most daunting task. Nonetheless, the company's resilience and determination have paved the way for innovative solutions.

The Power of VR/AR: Transforming Education and Project Collaboration

VR/AR's impact extends beyond the confines of the automotive industry for AUREL CZ. They recognize the transformative potential of these technologies in education, using VR to present real-life traffic accident scenarios to the public for educational purposes. The immersive experience leaves a lasting impression, deeply engaging audiences and promoting road safety awareness. Moreover, VR/AR has facilitated seamless communication and collaboration between teams spread across different locations, contributing to more efficient project management and idea exchange.

Recommendations for Embracing VR/AR

Based on their successes, AUREL CZ enthusiastically encourages others in the industry to adopt VR/AR tools. To remain competitive and achieve unified goals, embracing these technologies is essential. For companies hesitant about integrating VR/AR, AUREL CZ offers their expertise to guide and support the transition.

Ensuring User-Friendly VR/AR Experiences

User-friendliness is a critical aspect of VR/AR adoption. AUREL CZ emphasizes the importance of user testing, especially with individuals who possess limited digital literacy. Children have demonstrated remarkable ease in adapting to VR controls, while adults may initially experience shyness but quickly overcome it with exposure.

Pioneering the Future of the Automotive Industry

As technology continues to reshape industries worldwide, companies like AUREL CZ embrace VR/AR as a driving force behind progress. With their commitment to innovation, dedication to client satisfaction, and a keen eye on the future, AUREL CZ stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the automotive industry, one VR/AR experience at a time.

We would like to thank Štepán Cvejn, measuring technician from AUREL CZ, for the interview.

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