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Challenge Spotter and Matchmaker

The Challenge Spotter and Matchmaker in Czechia aims to create a healthcare open innovation platform, focusing on connecting healthcare providers with innovative solutions. In 2023, the project's main goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare innovation demand and supply by facilitating collaborations and agreements between providers and startups/SMEs. We aim to assist small and medium-sized enterprises as well as startups in finding suitable opportunities to participate in healthcare innovations.

Why to join

  • As winning problem solver or solution provider you will get potential future cooperation with hospitals as challenge providers

  • Introduction of to hospital stakeholders – challenge owners 

  • Assistance with starting the pilot, co-creation project or tender participation 

  • After successful pilot / implementation – assistance with access to other hospitals in our network  

What are we asking for

Next steps

You should: 

1. Carefully REVIEW all presented challenges provided;

2. SELECT the challenge or challenges where you either already possess a developed product or service or have a well-defined idea and solution;

3. SUBMIT your candidacy as a potential partner through the specified registration form;

4. The DEX IC team will STUDY your proposal/pitch. In case of need, we will contact you for more information.

  • In case of a match: 

a) An introductory video call with the challenge owner will be organized;

b) You will receive more information about your chosen challenge; 

c) The challenge owner will review your information and will internally discuss the feasibility of your proposal; 

#HealthcareConnectivity #DataExchange #EHDSStandards #PatientCare #HealthcareEfficiency

Healthcare data exchange


#LumbarPain #lumbarspine #SurgicalPlanning #EOSImaging #SagittalBalance #DynamicMovementAnalysis

3D software for dynamical sagittal balance prediction


#Simualtion #Healthcare #Transportation #Rehabilitation

Transport of patient
in the rehabilitation facility


#PatientTransport #RehabilitationImpact #Movement

Indoor patient navigation
in the rehabilitation facility


#RehabilitationCare #PatientMobility #AssistiveTechnologies

Simulation of patient movement
in the rehabilitation facility

More challenges to be introduced soon...


Do you have any questions?

Ask Adam,

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