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Challenge #1 - Overall Performance

The performance of the system, especially as we focus on design which utilizes as much as possible the 3D printer components, quite matters. The core of our system is 4 stepper motors, used commonly in the 3D printers. The system needs to be able to deliver up to 800 ml of air, theoretically in 0.5 sec. And it shall be possible using only PSU of 3D printer! So the power needed to deliver the work, really matters. The power needed is influenced by the overall design (mostly mechanical) of the system.


The challenge requires mostly mechanical design skills, but optimization in electronics or even coding might be possible. What to focus? 

  • Is the gear ratio the most optimized? 
  • What is the best shape of CAM-Arms? 
  • How to run or cool the most optimally the stepper motors? 
  • Where to place AMBU-bag? 

And this is just a sample. Feel free to challenge any part of mechanical or electronic design to improve the overall performance. 


We foresee the presentation of (as advance as possible) prototype, with improved performance in comparison to the original platform. How will we measure? Simply - we compare the power needed to press 800 ml in 0.5 sec to see the impact.  

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