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Challenge #2 - Control by breathing

Assist control mode is a special mode, which shall be implemented in the emergency ventilators, usable as the ventilator of the last instance in the praxis. This mode shall sense airway pressure created by the attempt of the patient to breathe. The system shall support this attempt; in other words, the ventilator presses the air to support the patient to inhale. The same shall happen with exhalation. So the system shall sense pressure change, created by the patient to exhale and shall support such an attempt. 

The challenge combines mostly electronic and coding skills, but medical and mechanical design ones might be useful too. Your challenge will be to: 

  • implement the pressure sensor to the system, including the right tubing
  • improve the firmware to provide the Assist control mode option. Additionally, the system shall switch from usual (Volume Control) to the Assist control automatically. It shall respect the tidal volume set-up by the clinician, but in the same also implement the over-pressure control to avoid the damage of the patient's lungs. 

We foresee the presentation of (as advance as possible) prototype, with implemented ( and safe) Assist control mode.

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