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Challenge #5 - Optimize whatever makes sense

The bottom-up innovation can bring unpredictably great results and huge value. So this is IT. Your chance to innovate whatever you want! In other words, this is the FREE challenge. Focus on whatever you want. Do you want to change completely some process, technology, mechanical design, components, code or whatsoever? Here we go. But still please remember. There are some clinical requirements (see the link), which we decided to follow. Keep them in mind!


The challenge combines all possible aspects: medical, mechanical design, electronic design or firmware improvement/optimization. As it's the free challenge, anything can come out 🙂


It's not possible to foresee the impact of the free challenge. But please keep in mind, that free challenge gives you free hands on one side, but on the other side, you need to pay great attention to articulate clearly the NEED for improvement, WHY this is needed, WHO will benefit and WHAT did you do.

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