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Mediware and Oscar Senior setting out with us on a journey to create new products through a process of co-creation!

26. 10. 2020

In the HoCare 2.0 project, we get to its most interesting part. In an open call for small and medium-sized businesses, we have selected the two best ideas from companies Mediware and Oscar Senior to start the development of new products in collaboration with Czech Co-creation Lab and a group of seniors.

The whole development process will be based on the principle of co-creation. As part of the project, we have developed a unique methodology that guides the users through the creation of new products with the knowledge of target groups and other important ecosystem actors, such as university researchers or industry experts. All mentioned actors will provide companies with feedback, ideas for improvement and their suggestions will be incorporated into the final form of the developed products.

Mediware has signed up for the Pilot Phase of the project with its platform for the provision of surveillance services, telemedicine and assistive households focused mainly on the stay of seniors in the home environment.

The second company, Oscar Senior, is trying to adapt to the needs of home care providers for the elderly. They would like to expand the possibilities with external devices helping to monitor the condition of the senior and his surroundings (e.g. smoke, fall detection, pressure sensors, etc.) and also expand the possibilities with voice control.

Although the current situation does not favour the cooperation with seniors, we will try to find opportunities to connect companies, Co-Creation Lab and seniors so that together they can embark on the path of creating new products based on the process of co-creation.

We will regularly inform you about this journey and you will find all the news and interesting facts on our channels.

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