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Currently open opportunities for startups and students

05. 01. 2021

Find out about currently opened or upcoming calls and opportunitites - pre-acceleration and acceleration programmes for startups, educational programmes or events for students. 

Get 75k-1 Mio EUR with CE-Connector ACIF

CE-Connector Angel Co-Investment Fund (ACIF) provides smart money (75k-1 Mio €) for start-up growth. We are connecting start-ups with investors, business angels, and publicly available funds to leverage investment opportunities that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

2nd round of applications closes on April 12th. 

Find out more about the opportunity at http://ceconnector.eu/startups


Join the best cross-sectorial online education programme on AI solutions for solving medical imaging challenges. 

HelloAI RIS Online was founded in 2018 as an EIT Health supported educational activity for university students backed by the EU. Our goal is to prepare and involve future talents in solving AI application issues in Healthcare and discussing its future opportunities.

Organized by top European universities, HelloAI RIS is a great opportunity to learn about AI in healthcare and improve your CV a lot! 

Find out more about the opportunity at https://helloaionline.com/ or get in touch with us.