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Czech startup using virtual reality for rehabilitation wins the DemoDay of 4DigitalHealth Accelerator

09. 12. 2021

4DigitalHealth is an acceleration program that supports startups in the field of digital healthcare, especially through individual mentoring and networking. Thanks to financial support from EIT Health, it is completely free of charge for startups.

"4DigitalHealth originated from the parent program DEXIC Accelerato. Within two years of 4DigitalHealth, we have supported teams with products that help seniors, people with disabilities, as well as health professionals as the products make their work easier. On Wednesday, December 8, we finished the accelerator with the DemoDay 2021 event. ” Says Michal Štefan, DEX Innovation Centre, program organizer.

"DemoDay 2021 is the last day of the program, during which startups present their products to investors, potential partners and other players of the startup ecosystem. In terms of organization, we returned to a physical event in Prague this year. For international viewers, we streamed the video in real-time ", adds Štefan.

A total of 6 teams presented themselves during the event:

  • EVA – Voice-controlled, AI eyewear for the visually impaired
  • BestHealth4u – New generation of remote wound care monitoring devices
  • Collaborate247 – Breakthrough patient CRM & Collaboration tool
  • Patient Record – Medical therapy with video messaging
  • UPOlife – Vital sign monitoring & prognostic tool for heart health
  • VR Medical – Empowering healthcare with unique benefits of VR

The winners

The jury faced the difficult task to select the best startup. The jury evaluated five factors - market potential, product uniqueness, value for the customer, the team of people behind the startup and, of course, the pitch itself.

The winner of the 2nd year of the 4DigitalHealth program is the Czech startup VR Medical from Pilsen, which, thanks to virtual reality, makes the physio and neurorehabilitation of patients faster. Virtual reality therapy is physically undemanding and it can be used much earlier than traditional physiotherapy. Patients regain stability, fine motor skills, range of motion and at the same time are more motivated and last longer to rehabilitate, compared to traditional methods.

The second place is awarded to the UPOlife team with a wearable biosensor for monitoring heart function. It monitors the patient for seven days and the data is evaluated by a team of cardiologists. The third place belongs to Besthealth4U that saves time and resources for patients and doctors by using smart wound cover. Thanks to their product, patients avoid frequent trips to the hospital and paramedics can control the wound using only a mobile application.

The jury was represented by four experts - Antonín Hlavinka, Deputy Minister of Information Technology at the Olomouc University Hospital; Martin May, eHealth Consultant & Innovator at Bindworks; Tomáš Šebek, surgeon and founder of uLekare.cz; and Jan Kubalík, CEO of DEX Innovation Centre.

"Within 4DigitalHealth, we want to continue with supporting startups that have the potential to bring new products or services to market. For ten weeks, we've been working with the teams to understand their customers and optimize the sales process. This increase the chances that their product will appeal to investors, who will invest in the startup.", summarizes the program Jan Kubalík.

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