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InnoSchool in data

18. 06. 2021

Everything you need to know about InnoSchool in minutes.

Measuring the impact of the education system
One of the main objectives of the Pilot was also to measure the impact of our system on knowledge and students' social entrepreneurship skills. To do this, a questionnaire survey was used method, measuring students' knowledge before and after the implementation of the Pilot.
Not all those who completed the Pilot were involved in the survey, but despite this we had a large evaluation sample which indicated the success of the scheme.

Selected data from 9 regions

  • At the outset, 2330 students from 9 countries participated in the pilot and the survey
  • 1719 students completed the pilot and submitted data
  • 757 boys and 962 girls from the Danube region
  • 70% of participating students were familiar with entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship before the pilot and 92% after the pilot
  • 30.5% of students in this sample have an entrepreneur in their family
  • 51.6% know the difference between entrepreneurship and social enterprise before the pilot and 88.2% after the pilot
  • only 28.9% know a specific social entrepreneur before the pilot and 49.2% after the pilot
  • There is no relationship between entrepreneur in the family or gender and satisfaction with the course no correlation.
  • 26% score of net promoter - a person who is interested in promoting ILS
  • 47.7% of students are willing to recommend ILS

Selected data from the Czech Republic

  • 84 students submitted data
  • 6 schools completed the Pilot
  • 46.4% of students have an entrepreneur in the family
  • 95.2% of graduates are familiar with the concept of entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship after ILS
  • 91.7% of graduates know the difference between entrepreneurship and social enterprise after ILS
  • 28.6% of graduates know every social entrepreneur after ILS
  • Average increase in understanding of social entrepreneurship after ILS of 93.5%
  • 13.3% of students are interested in promoting ILS 12

Interested in starting to use InnoSchool?
Contact the project manager: vojtech.jira@dex-ic.com


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

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