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Uniqa Wall Systems & Construction won Moldova Power Accelerator DemoDay!

24. 01. 2022

Uniqa Wall Systems & Construction has won the Moldova Power Accelerator – acceleration programme for digital startups with impactful Innovation in the field of CleanTech, PowerTech, GreenTech, ClimateTech and Energy! They offer pre-engineered, in-factory-made, energy efficient, panelized homes that take up to a week to assemble on site with Zero waste using sustainable materials.

10.12.2021 – Moldova Power Accelerator local DemoDay for Moldavian ecosystem

In the DemoDay competition organized for moldavian startup ecosystem, Uniqa Wall Systems & Construction outperformed other 4 startups presented on criteria such as market need, solution, value proposition, team and investment readiness. Other startups on the programme included Design Academy – sustainable design for green buildings, Innova Solutions – consultancy in solar energy solutions for commercial and residential clients, NGR Green Power – generator of elektricity by photovoltaics, and Scandinavian Smart House – building ecofriendly wooden frame houses with Norwegian technologies. The event also introduced more in depth the startup ecosystem in Moldova by a guest speaker Roman Gluck, including progress from first startup weekends in 2011 through the community engagement, bigger venues and international partner organizations and programmes into the current main ecosystem players and industry events which make Moldova a very prospective startup nation.


15.12.2021 – Moldova Power Accelerator DemoDay for CEE investors


4 startups from Moldova Power Accelerator – Design Academy, Uniqa Wall Systems & Construction, NGR Green Power and Scandinavian Smart House – further showcased their solutions to CEE angel investors during a special DemoDay for CEE investors, organized by DEX Innovation Centre, where they were challenged by multiple questions on their investment needs based on their pitch. Substantial interest for individual follow ups have been raised to 3 of 4 teams and connections betwen the teams and relevant business angels intitiated. All recorded pitches are for you uploaded in this news article. 

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