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We know the winner of #DEMODAY pitch competition of DEXIC Accelerator

19. 06. 2018

During #DEMODAY of DEXIC Accelerator the jury was facing a difficult decision to take - to choose the best startup from the field of ICT. After hard and careful evaluation of all 7 presenting startups and their 4-minutes pitches, the first place was awarded to the startup of which the main ambition is to protect the networks from the harmful malware and access to infected websites, Whalebone.  In order to do so, Whalebone uses their global security intelligence grid which enables the network protection even without any software installation or various configuration changes. #DEMODAY winner is at the same time also a winner of previous DEXIC BootCamp mentoring event held also in Liberec in March of this year, 2018.

Second place was won by CEMPIA , Indian-Malaysian startup, which collects and processes patient´s feedback, experience and complaints from their stays not only in the hospitals but also from senior citizens homes, spas, clinics and rehabilitation centers in order to improve the services and therefore to achieve full patient´s satisfaction. CEMPIA stands for the Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions. And the 3rd place was awarded to Slovak startup, Smartrecord app, which facilitates life and work to many professionals via covering complex audio and transcription services.   

“The objective of the DEXIC Accelerator programme is to support startups which , we strongly believe, have an innovative ideas with the high potential to bring new and enriching products to broader society, BUT are in the need of capital and/or lacking some additional skills, ” says the Head Mentor Jan Kubalik, DEX Innovation Centre.

DEXIC Accelerator in its 4-weeks duration brought together to Liberec various startups, not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also from Malaysia. We received applications from Europe and more distanced parts of the world such as India, Malaysia, Russia, and Colombia, the best 7 of them were the chosen ones. Promising and determined startups have been granted the opportunity, provided by the main organized DEX Innovation Centre, to improve and elaborate on their existing business ideas and products in order to boost up their presentation skills and to attract the investors in only 4-minutes long PITCH - #DEMODAY contest.  

Many promising startups with international ambition met here over the last 4 weeks” said Petr Soukeník from Whalebone and added that their team now focuses on expansion in central Europe and to the United Kingdom.   “I am so happy that I came here. I met friends here, I have learnt so much about the European market, and how the CEMPIA can have its place and role in it,” Anupam Chatterjee, CEO of CEMPIA, 2nd winning startup.

The jury panel was composed of the international professionals covering all the evaluated criteria - Jure Verhovnik from Institute for Entrepreneurship Research; Evgeny Frolov, Ambassador of Seedstars in the Czech Republic; József Törok, Széchenyi Venture Capital Fund Management and Jan Kubalik, DEX Innovation Centre.

Whalebone winning team will be, in September 2018 at Seedstars Czech final, facing the challenge of pitching in front of the investor´s panel and at the same time will compete for the title of “the most promising seed-stage startup.” Besides the direct access to Seedstars Czech final in autumn 2018, winning startup is also a proud holder of the 45 000 CZK value voucher for Marketing action plan creation from Happy End Agency in order to make the product more visible and so to expand the market.



Michal Štefan

Tel.: +420 777 477 497

Email: michal.stefan@dex-ic.com


The project is co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA).

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