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DEX & 2023

20. 12. 2023

In 2023 we embarked on an inspiring journey marked by meaningful collaborations and many innovative projects.

In the area of health, we took the lead in a new project named DIGIVITALITY, that aims to facilitate the uptake of digital health applications in CE. At the same time, the Health Labs4Value project, which was facilitated by us, started to deliver exciting results on the topic of value-based healthcare. Furthermore, we organized 2 inspiring Morning Health Talks events in Prague and an iDays event for students in Brno. Last but not least we formed partnerships with 3 healthcare providers, addressing 6 innovation challenges under the umbrella of EIT Health’ Capacity building.

At the same time, we introduced two new commercial services that reflect our dedication to fostering growth and progress. 'Innovator Gym' focuses on education in innovation creation, presentation, and sales, while 'Sales Elevator' caters to B2B sales of cutting-edge technologies.

Our support extended beyond our immediate circle, as we actively assisted HeatVentors and Bin-e from the EIT InnoEnergy portfolio in navigating the Czechia and Slovakia markets. Guiding them through go-to-market and sales activities, we played a pivotal role in helping them establish a presence in their beachhead markets.

In the scope of project Womenture, which supports women's entrepreneurship we organized an inspiring event, underscoring our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Looking ahead with anticipation, we eagerly anticipate the launch of our pre-acceleration program in January.

Last but not least, we were involved in the Creative ValEU project, where we had the opportunity to mentor promising young students from all over Europe who, over a few weeks, tried to find interesting ideas for products that could facilitate the introduction of Value-based health care in European countries. We have also started an 8-week Digi(re)Start course, which focuses not only on gaining important marketing knowledge and skills, but also on building a portfolio that will make it easier for our 12 great participants to return to the job market after parental leave.

Overall, throughout the year we trained over 100 students and addressed more than 180 participants through our workshops, trainings, and events and we mentored more than 20 start-up teams.

As we step into 2024, our aspirations remain high. Initiating the implementation of 5 Interreg Danube projects, where we are set to reprise our role as project partners, we are excited for another year of growth and innovation. The promise of the New Year excites us, and we look forward to making a lasting impact on the projects and partnerships that lie ahead!

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