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DEX IC presented PPI2Innovate and InnoSchool as examples of good practice at Interreg Central Europe and Interreg Danube workshop in Prague, CZ

28. 11. 2018

On Tuesday, November 27th, 2018, DEX Innovation Centre has proudly participated at the workshop related to the 4th - Capitalization call of the Interreg Central Europe programme and 3rd call of the Interreg Danube organized in Prague, the Czech Republic by the Ministry of the Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

During the workshop, representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development of the CR - Department of the European Territorial Cooperation, has provided to the participants of the event useful and enriching information related to the format of the upcoming opening of the 4th Capitalization call of the Interreg Central Europe Programme, Interreg Danube 3rd call National Info as well as about the Interreg cohesion policy and to it related future of the Interreg programmes.

Later on, within the workshop, there has been provided with a space dedicated to the presentations of the successfully approved projects within the Interreg Central Europe Programme and Interreg Danube calls.

Besides others - Dynamic Light, RUMOBIL and LUMAT, DEX IC had a unique opportunity to present key outputs of the ongoing Interreg Central Europe project - PPI2Innovate, which is focused on the boost of the PPI (Public Procurement of Innovation) tools in Central Europe. PPI2Innovate targets directly public procurers on all administrative levels - city, regional and national, in Central Europe with the aim to build regional capacities in PPI, to change attitude towards PPI, to strengthen linkages among relevant stakeholders in regional innovation systems and to finally boost usage of PPI. Within the second presented project from the 2nd Interreg Danube call - InnoSchool, DEX IC with partners are developing, piloting and implementing into curricula a highly innovative tool for the motivation of secondary school students for social entrepreneurship via unique learning system combining serious game, classic lessons with teachers, social media and interschool competition.

DEX Innovation Centre has used the workshop as a space to present and raise the awareness about the developed, nationally customized and translated SMART PPI tools (Health, Energy, and ICT) which are available free and online on the project website at the PUBLICATIONS section. At the same time, representative of DEX Innovation Centre has acknowledged the audience with the Establishment of the Competence Centre for PPI in the Czech Republic as well as warmly invited participants to the upcoming PPI2Innovate public event - Policy Roundtables to behold in January 11th,  2019 in Prague in the premises of the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, CR.


Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI) 

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