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DEX Innovation Centre brings HeatTank technology to Czechia and Slovakia

13. 02. 2023

DEX Innovation Centre visited several installations of the HeatVentors technology product called HeatTank in Budapest during last week. Together with InnoEnergy, we bring this unique technology of thermal battery for cooling and heating to Czechia and Slovakia for all market segments that want to decrease costs for energy related to cooling and heating with very short return on investment (between 3-5 years).

The HeatTank technology, which is currently installed at 20 sites in Hungary, Portugal and Indonesia is especially valuable for data centres, office and retail buildings, logistics centres and engine operators. It enables them to store cold or heat from their current system in a modular thermal battery and use it for their needs of cooling or heating when cooling or heating production is not economically efficient. Apart from the usage in main cooling or heating system, HeatTank can also work as a standalone operational safety system.

For details of the technology, please contact Michal Štefan and Viktor Holý from DEX Innovation Centre, an InnoEnergy hub in Czechia. 

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