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Students, check out three EIT Health Summer Schools! First deadlines on April 15th!

11. 04. 2019

EIT Health is organizing three summer schools for students. These are L-EAD Summer School, Hello AI Summer School and Mobility and Active Ageing Summer School. 

The Hello AI Summer School deadline is on Monday, April 15th, do not wait and register!


Hello AI (Healthcare Upgraded - Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare)  Summer School 

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is becoming more advanced and widespread every day. Through this Summer School’s partnership with GE Healthcare, you’ll gain insight into ongoing developments and applications of AI with one of Europe’s leading healthcare industry providers.

More info at https://www.eithealth.eu/en_US/hello-ai

Applications are opened until April 15th, 2019

EIT Health Mobility & Active Ageing Summer School

Get training in the design, development, and implementation of health and independence solutions for patients at risk of reduced mobility. You’ll crowd share ideas with a network of experts, learners and patients to solve the most pressing issues facing our ageing population.

More info at https://www.eithealth.eu/en_US/mctivaging

Applications are opened until April 30th, 2019

L-EAD (Leveraging E-Health Workforce by Advanced Skills) Summer School

This school can give you crucial skills and knowledge of digitalization, digital healthcare tools, big data and information systems to increase your understanding of the broad healthcare industry. You will learn how to stay ahead of digital advancements across the entire health sector.

More info at https://www.eithealth.eu/en_US/l-ead

Applications are opened until May 19th, 2019

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