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11 EU Partners Launch Health Labs4Value Project to Improve Patient Care in Central Europe

21. 08. 2023

Eleven partners from six European countries have collaborated to initiate the Health Labs4Value project, aimed at advancing patient-oriented digital solutions in the healthcare sector.

Supported by the Interreg Central Europe program, this project will establish five territorial living labs in Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. These living labs will serve as collaborative spaces where healthcare organizations, companies, policymakers, patients, and their families can co-create and test digital solutions to enhance patient care. All living labs will form a transnational network to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences, led by the Austrian knowledge partner.

“The Health Labs4Value project is a unique opportunity to bring together all the key stakeholders in the healthcare sector to work together to improve patient care,” said Hegedűs István, project coordinator. “We believe that by using the living lab approach, we can develop innovative solutions that are truly patient-centred and that can be scaled up to benefit patients across Europe.”

The expected benefits of the project include:

  • Empowering patients and their families to contribute to lowering the cases of inappropriate care and reducing expenses.
  • Improving patient safety.
  • Delivering high value to patients by shifting from a disease-centred to a person-centred approach.
  • Improving cooperation along the value chain of the healthcare system.

Territorial Living Labs

At the territorial level, living labs will identify specific challenges and address local needs.

  • Slovenia: The living lab in Slovenia aims to enable patients with injuries treated conservatively to improve the quality of their rehabilitation in their home environment.
  • Germany: The living lab in Germany will tackle the support for older people to live autonomously and (almost) independently in a home environment for as long as possible.
  • Poland: The living lab in Poland aims to streamline the work of medical and non-medical staff in administration and patient service through digitization and implementation of new technologies such as biometric signatures.
  • Hungary: The living lab in Hungary aims to optimize the processes of in- and outpatient care, including the medical check-up; pre- and post-operative procedures, by automating case management and innovative digital systems.
  • Czech Republic: The living lab in the Czech Republic will focus on the new technology supporting long-term treatment communication, education, and home care of chronic patients with technologies that help to monitor patients’ conditions in a homecare setting with direct contact with healthcare professionals in case of need.

The Health Labs4Value project is expected to run for three years and will have a budget of € 2,19 million. The project is expected to have a significant impact on the healthcare sector in Europe, improving patient care, safety, and efficiency.

To learn more about the Health Labs4Value project, please visit or social media and website, or contact us:






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