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Czech Experts evaluated current trends in the field of circular economics

02. 11. 2020

As part of the mapping of individual regions involved in the Live Circular Canvas project, we asked experts in the field of responsible and circular business about their views on the current situation in the Czech Republic. The questions were answered by Soňa Jonášová from Institut cirkulární ekonomiky (INCIEN), Dan Heuer from Fair Venture and Bára Kebová, Zachraň Jídlo z.s.

What are the new trends in the field of circular economy in the Czech Republic?

Not only in the Czech environment, but any cost savings are also generally the biggest motivation for companies. Therefore, companies are currently primarily looking to reduce waste management costs and are looking for new business models. The trend is also to build interdisciplinary work and map the impacts of the company's activities.


What are the challenges and opportunities of circular businesses in the Czech Republic?

Experts, as well as previously interviewed entrepreneurs, agree that the small number of circular companies is the result of insufficient government support for this type of business. However, if we look at opportunities more generally, we find them not only in the circular economy but in sustainability in general. The main opportunities are savings, reputation and greater attractiveness for employees.

How does the support of active or future owners of circular enterprises in the Czech Republic?

A good example is Institut cirkulární ekonomiky (INCIEN), which is very active in the field of circular business. INCIEN focuses on all age groups from educating children in kindergartens to lifelong learning in the field of ICT. It also organizes workshops and internal academies in innovation centres and, last but not least, conferences on waste and its use in circular business.

What skills and knowledge should circular entrepreneurs develop?

Overall, it is necessary to develop a holistic approach to science in society and to build cross-sectoral partnerships. The great advantage is the development of international cooperation and good, transferable examples that can be developed in the Czech Republic. Entrepreneurs must be able to develop cross-sectoral cooperation, expertise in the subject (in which they operate) and, last but not least, be able to revise their own footprint (not just CO2). Last but not least, it is important to follow new trends and orientate oneself on legislative issues that are expected to change towards greater support for the circular economy.

For more information, you can go through the whole document below, which summarizes the most important information from interviews.

Summary of interviews with Czech experts on environmentally responsible businesspdf701.47 KB

Summary of interviews with Soňa Jonášová from Institut Cirkulární ekonomiky, Dan Heuer from Fair Venture and with Bára Kebová from Zachraň Jídlo.

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