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Pioneering initiatives: DEX IC's five-fold impact on the Danube region

06. 01. 2024

We're thrilled to announce our crucial role in five transformative projects under the Danube Transnational Programme, marking a significant step towards shaping the future of the Danube region.


Back on Track: Empowering rural youth

Joining forces with the Austrian Young Workers Movement, we are ready to take a part in the "Back on Track" project kicking off in 2024. Focused on rural areas, this initiative aims to integrate marginalized youth, emphasizing digital inclusion for those not in employment, education, or training (NEETs). The project envisions enhancing basic skills, life skills, and mental well-being, ultimately transforming brain drain into brain gain.

SMEnergy: Navigating the energy transition

Partnering with Lea, Slovenia, we are contributing to "SMEnergy," a project addressing the energy challenges faced by SMEs amid the ongoing crisis. SMEnergy stands out with its efficient service methodology, providing reliable information and guidance tailored to the unique needs of energy-intensive SMEs. 

MEET: Fostering mental wellness

In collaboration with ZSI, Austria, we are introducing you to the "MEET" project. With mental disorders affecting 10-12% of young people in the Danube Region in 2019, MEET takes a transnational approach to foster mental well-being among youth. As a knowledgeble partner, we bring gamification expertise to the table, striving to build a brighter, mentally healthier future for young minds.

SpinIT: Bridging innovation gaps

We are joining ZEDA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the "SpinIT" project, aimed at boosting smart specialization and IT spin-offs across the Danube Region. Addressing territorial disparities, SpinIT focuses on connecting less developed hubs with advanced ones, engaging businesses, academia, and policymakers, promoting peer-learning, and piloting projects driving ICT and Industry 4.0 innovation. We are ready to lead communication and innovation.

BeReady: Climate resilience in action

In collaboration with Sofia Development Association, Bulgaria, we are partner in the "BeReady" project. With climate change impacting urban environments, BeReady is a proactive response to address the pressing issue of urban heat islands (UHI). As part of a consortium with 19 partners and 9 Associated Partners across 12 countries, we are proud to contribute to a future where care for the environment, simplicity, and aesthetics drive value and community engagement.

Stay tuned for updates on every project. 


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