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Follow-up in InnoSchool

09. 05. 2021

In order to continue working towards a sustainable educational tool that is innovative and fun, further follow-up steps are necessary. Therefore, the whole process does not just end with a pilot, but by updating the whole system and all its core elements based on feedback from the stakeholders involved. The feedback was collected not only during the pilot but also after the pilot was completed, and as a result, two new versions of the ILS - InnoSchool 2.0. and InnoSchool X - can be created.

InnoSchool 2.0
InnoSchool 2.0 is the same system we developed and tested, but modified to reflect the suggestions and ideas from students, teachers, and partners who have used the system in practice.
In fact, the main purpose of the pilot was to test the system in practice, to verify its results and get enough information for the final adaptation to help teachers and students in the development of social entrepreneurship in teaching.

What will change?
The update will affect not only the online tool but also all other components of the system.
For example, the teacher's guide will now be freely downloadable, as well as other materials directly in the teacher interface. In addition, we will be modifying the environment and characters to make more reflect gender issues. The changes will affect all key elements of the ILS and modifications will affect more than 80 sub-elements of the education system.


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

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