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Get intensive Artificial Intelligence training for free

13. 05. 2020

Hello, Artificial Intelligence. This is Healthcare. Nice to meet you! 

HelloAIRIS is an online AI training program designed to introduce participants to the basics of Artificial Intelligence that will take place from 15 June until 10th August 2020. If you are a student or a practising doctor or radiologist, this programme is tailor-made for you! 

About HelloAIRIS

Facing an increasingly challenging environment, healthcare systems globally are struggling with shortages of human resources. Some of the factors affecting this issue are the ageing population and the scarcity of healthcare professionals. 

One technology that has great potential to impact these problems is Artificial Intelligence. Although still developing, AI is already opening many opportunities. In an effort to bring AI closer to the next generation, HelloAIRIS is an online AI training program designed to introduce participants to the basics of Artificial Intelligence, unveil and discover its challenges and build a community of curious and forward-thinking individuals.

What do you get? 

  • Info on AI from 5 lecturers and participate in live online discussions;
  • A collection of high-quality e-learning materials ;
  • AI basics laboratory homework;
  • Official certificate for successful completion of the programme;
  • And all this FOR FREE.

For whom?

We are looking for University students, mainly of engineering, economics and medicine. Young professionals including doctors and radiologists under 35 years of age are also welcomed.

How is it going to look like? 

There will be 4 live sessions, each 1 day-long. Live sessions will be followed by 3 e-learning modules. See the complete timetable: 

Practical info

  • Register by filling out the application form at www.helloairis.com by June 5th!
  • No training fee
  • First come – first served basis, with the additional waiting list option

For more info and registration, visit www.helloairis.com.

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