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How V4 StartupForce and DEX IC helped Myco grow and innovate

16. 01. 2024

Myco is a Czech startup that develops sustainable solutions for various industries using mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. The company was founded by MFA David Šohaj Minařík, who has a background in biotechnology. Myco’s vision is to create biodegradable materials that can replace non-sustainable materials and reduce the environmental impact.

Myco was the finalist of the V4 StartupForce, a program that supports startups from the Visegrád Group (V4) countries - Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia - to expand their businesses and access new markets. The program, organized by the International Visegrád Fund and the Startup Division, offers a series of workshops, training sessions, mentoring, and networking opportunities for selected startups.

We spoke with David Šohaj Minařík, the founder and CEO of Myco, to learn more about his experience with the V4 StartupForce and how it helped his company grow and innovate.

Why did you decide to join the V4 StartupForce?

I decided to join the V4 StartupForce primarily because of the special emphasis on our region, the Visegrád Group (V4).

The opportunity to delve into the startup landscape within the V4 countries and explore the possibilities of collaborating with other startups from this specific location and institutions. The prospect of engaging with and potentially partnering with other startups within the V4 region presented a unique chance to leverage regional strengths, foster collaborations, and collectively contribute to the growth and innovation within our shared community.

What was the biggest added value for you during the program?

The most significant added value for me during the program was undoubtedly the networking opportunities and the wealth of knowledge gained. Engaging in various workshops, training sessions, and interacting with inspiring startups and mentors immensely enriched my network and broadened my understanding of the industry. The connections established and the insights acquired have been invaluable assets, elevating my understanding and expanding my professional circle substantially.

Did the program meet your expectations?

Yes, my expectations have been fulfilled. The insights provided have significantly clarified my understanding of the startup ecosystem within the V4 region. I now have a much clearer picture of the dynamics and landscape of startups in these countries.

Why do you think V4 SUF is worth the attention and dedication of founders?

V4 SUF deserves the attention and dedication of founders for several specific reasons inherent to the region. The V4 region offers a unique blend of strengths, including a burgeoning tech talent pool, favorable geographic proximity, and a rapidly evolving market landscape. Its strategic location within Europe, coupled with a growing emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, makes it a hotspot for emerging startups.

Additionally, the collaborative nature and shared cultural affinities among V4 countries foster an environment conducive to cross-border cooperation and market expansion, presenting founders with exceptional opportunities for scaling their ventures across multiple markets within the region.

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