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i-Days 2023: Igniting healthcare futures with two days of innovation, inspiration, and limitless opportunities

27. 11. 2023

The recent conclusion of i-Days 2023 marked two days of fervent innovation, inspiration, and the creation of new opportunities in the healthcare sector. Organized by the DEX Innovation Centre in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University (ECON MUNI) and supported by Roche Czech Republic, this ideathon showcased the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration and its potential to reshape the future of healthcare.

Triumph for the ONCO team: Pioneering an app for cancer patients

A standout moment during i-Days 2023 was the victory of the ONCO team –⁠ comprising Barbora Holešová, Lukáš Galeta, and Jana Dudašová. Their groundbreaking concept, an app tailored for cancer patients, not only impressed the jury but also underscored the event's overarching theme: discovering innovative ways to streamline the patient's journey through the healthcare system.

The i-Days provided a unique platform for students from diverse disciplines to collaborate on solving real challenges in healthcare. Interdisciplinary teams, comprising both Czech and international students, delved into the complex task of simplifying the patient journey through the healthcare system. Their collective commitment and creativity hold the promise of groundbreaking solutions that could significantly impact the future of healthcare delivery.

Advocating for interdisciplinarity and empathy in healthcare

Throughout the event, a recurring theme emphasized the need for greater interdisciplinarity and empathy in healthcare. The success of i-Days 2023 was a collective effort involving not only the lead organizers but also the mentors, practice representatives, and, significantly, the experts who generously shared information with students, contributing to the success of their solutions.

International recognition for the ONCO team

The winning ONCO team's privilege to represent the Czech Republic in Barcelona signifies not only international recognition but also underscores the potential global impact of Czech healthcare innovation. Additionally, the emergence of six compelling ideas from student teams indicates a promising future for healthcare delivery.

In conclusion, i-Days 2023 served as a stage where innovation, collaboration, and commitment converged to cultivate a community dedicated to improving healthcare. The hope is that some of the students' ideas will be further developed and, perhaps one day, contribute to positive changes in the healthcare landscape. The success of i-Days 2023 stands as a testament to the potential that lies in interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative thinking for the betterment of healthcare globally.

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