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We have trained 9 teachers who will use InnoSchool in the schools from Liberec and Hradec Králové regions from September

01. 10. 2020

At the end of September, we trained teachers from 8 Czech schools in Liberec, who will use the InnoSchool system from October.

17.-18. September and 24-25. September training took place with participating schools from 3 regions. Teachers have thus mastered all the steps and procedures that they will implement with their students. Teachers were not only passive listeners, they actively participated in the role of students and teachers during the training. They also worked on various tasks, which they performed both individually and in teams. Students will work mostly in teams; that is why we decided to offer this role to the participating teachers.

During the two-day training, teachers became acquainted with all key elements of the education system, which are:

  • Serious Game
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Training materials for teacher training
  • Impact questionnaire

A serious game that students work with is not the only online environment created. For teachers, there is an interface in which they see all the students' progress and where they can evaluate their work in creating business plans. Teachers can also allow students to repeat various tasks that need to be completed; Students can also improve their success and increase awareness of specific concepts and steps during the creation of business ideas.

Currently, teachers face a great challenge - the implementation and first deployment of the InnoSchool education system in schools. In addition, the current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic may complicate their work. At the same time, it is a great opportunity, as a computer game can be implemented very well from the home environment - it can easily become a great helper for distance learning. But we will find out what form will be realized more often in schools in the end.

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

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