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We are finishing the mapping for successful development of InnoSchool Learning System!

31. 10. 2018

At this time, we are finishing the mapping of school educational frameworks and social need in all 9 European regions involved in the InnoSchool project. Precise mapping is crucial for the following development of a serious game, one out of four key parts of the unique InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) that will improve the entrepreneurial skills of secondary schools students.

In the Czech Republic, the mapping was conducted using both the thorough desk research and the face-to-cafe communication with representatives of Department of Education of Liberec region, the National Institute for Education, so as the directors, teachers and, using the questionnaires, also with students of secondary schools from the Liberec region. Thanks to the mapping of school educational frameworks we found out what are the main practical issues of implementation to teaching. At the same time, we found out the main parameters for the pilot test.

The second part of mapping was devoted to social needs. Its goal was to get the knowledge of which 6 social needs are common for all the involved regions and which topics of social entrepreneurship are popular among secondary schools students. At the beginning of the serious game, students will be asked to select one of these needs in order to choose the most suitable. The most popular topics at secondary schools in Liberec region are Manipulation of people using mass media, PC and social media addiction, Obesity or Alcohol or drugs addiction.

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)

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