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Innovation Camp Led by DEX IC and KNL Seeks Patient Health Improvements in HealthLabs4Value Project

24. 01. 2024

The Innovation Camp, organized by DEX Innovation Centre, recently focused on seeking patient health improvements as part of the HealthLabs4Value project at the Technical University in Liberec. This event emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing healthcare technologies and innovations, particularly aimed at enhancing treatments and care for patients with spinal injuries.

Workshops and Lectures for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Twelve former patients of the Spinal Unit gathered for a day of engaging activities, including workshops, lectures, exercises, and practical examples. The aim was to map their treatment process, identify its problematic parts and suggest options for possible improvements. The Innovation Camp was a joint effort by the Spinal Unit of Liberec Regional Hospital, the Faculty of Health Studies at TUL, and the DEX Innovation Centre. Funded by the European Interreg Central Europe grant program, the HealthLabs4Value project strives to advance the development and implementation of digital solutions and new technologies in patient care. Liberec Regional Hospital, as a key partner, focuses on enhancing care for patients with spinal injuries or disorders.

Enhancing Patient Care through Project HealthLabs4Value at Liberec Regional Hospital

Liberec Regional Hospital proudly joined the international project HealthLabs4Value in the first half of this year, benefiting from funding through the European grant program Interreg Central Europe.

The project aims for greater patient involvement in the treatment process and the introduction of patient-centered care. As part of the Czech participation in the project, Liberec Regional Hospital and DEX Innovation Centre are dedicated to improving the care for patients with spinal injuries or disorders. The pilot implementation is underway at the Liberec Spinal Unit, catering to patients recovering from spinal injuries or managing spinal disorders.

Expected Outcomes

Anticipated outcomes of the project include innovative changes in the care provided to patients with spinal injuries or disorders. The collaborative approach should facilitate the hospital's transition to patient centered care, including through a new solution that will be developed based on the information gathered during the patient workshops. Project HealthLabs4Value marks a significant leap toward the digitization and optimization of patient care. Liberec Regional Hospital's active participation serves as a shining example of how modern technologies can fortify and enrich healthcare services.

Acknowledgment from DEX Innovation Centre

DEX Innovation Centre extends its sincere thanks to all patients, hospital staff, TUL Faculty of Health Studies, and other contributors to the Innovation Camp and the HealthLabs4Value project. Your valuable input and cooperation are essential in advancing healthcare technology and improving patient care.


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