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Join us for CE-Connector Days on 9-10th June

07. 06. 2021

The second CE-Connector Days is a free international online conference linking startups, business angels, public providers and business experts. The event is hosted by Poland. 


Read the details below.

In the first part of the conference, panellists will talk about the most interesting topics:

  • A fairytale about apples and crocodiles. Why you should think about your IP before starting a business?
  • To measure is to know. Business metrics Tech startups need to know.
  • New generation of interfaces for future startups.
  • 7 insights about AI you didn't know.

In the second part, the 6 most promising startups will be presented during Demo Time. Attendees will be able to find out what their project is about and ask them questions.

The last point, closing the day, will be watching one of the best movies about startups – „Chasing Unicorns”.

On the second day, we invite you to training. This year we have prepared 3 for you! So if you are interested in becoming a Business Angel, like Piotr Przewrocki or find out how to run CE-Connector ACIF for public suppliers or maybe act on LinkedIn as efficiently as Indreek Põldvee, sign up for our event.

Due to COVID-19, the event will be conducted online.

Get the full agenda at http://ceconnector.eu/ceconnectordays

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ce-connector-days-tickets-154542353339