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Learn about opportunities that EIT Jumpstarter brings to students, researchers or early-stage startups on 13. 4. 18:00

25. 03. 2021

EIT Jumpstarter helps promising teams to start their entrepreneurship journey. Is your startup going to be the next unicorn? 


EIT Jumpstarter accelerates ideas of students, researchers or early-stage startups from Health, Energy, Food, Raw Materials, Urban Mobility and Manufacturing fields. 

The programme itself comes with amazing perks:

  • Up to 10k € in funding to work on your company
  • Travel cost reimbursements
  • Industry expert mentors and startup coaching to move your idea to the next level
  • Connection of best teams to industrial partners
  • Opportunity to pitch at the European Finals

Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop

Join a virtual introduction to the Jumpstarter program. We will give you a full picture, answer all your questions and give you tips on how to successfully fill the application form.

The workshop is planned for April 13th, 18:00. Turn your innovative idea into a real business!


  • Welcome & short intro
  • Getting to know your ideas
  • EIT Jumpstarter basics
  • Technology-based startup journey
  • Successful application to EIT Jumpstarter + Q&A
  • Networking 

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