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Last chance to sign up for Ce-Connector!!!

01. 04. 2022

The second CE-Connector Days was a free international online conference linking startups, business angels, public providers and business experts. The event was hosted by Poland. 


Read the details below.

The project is realized on the territory of Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia.


The project will end in just three months. If you haven't had a chance to get interested and sign up for it until now, this is the last chance.


If you are a startup, you have a chance to take part in demodays both on territorial and international level. If you are a Business Angel, be absolutely sure to come to our territorial workshops and international demodays.

For those who want to become Business Angels, we organize workshops "How to become a Business Angel" and business meetings about investing in startups.

If you are a public organization and want to join the project please contact us. We want to continue after the end of the project by creating ACIF ( Angel Co-Investment Fund).


You can find more information about the project and sign up here:



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