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Our Mentors

Jan Kubalik, DEX Innovation Centre
Chairman of the Board

Jan has a technological background in computer science. His 20 years of professional career was all about start-ups, from working with them, through being a technological entrepreneur to be a social entrepreneur and support them. Jan builds the excellent network worldwide by serving the clients or building the partnership with Alcatel Lucent (Nokia), Alstom Energy (GE Energy), Fujitsu, T-Mobile, Fraunhofer and many other. His expertise is business development and fundraising for innovation and research.


Tomáš Hujer
Web developer

Tomáš focuses on electronics & programming since his elementary school and loves discovering how to use old equipment in new ways. He develops web and IoT applications in NodeJS, JavaScript, C ++ and PHP.

Arduino is easing his device development for more than 5 years and Tomáš is ready to pass you his knowledge.

Leoš Petržílka
Lecturer, technology scout

Leoš is an experienced lecturer at the Technical University of Liberec with twenty years of experience in the field of electronic and mechanical design. He is also a technology scout in the field of the partnership between the university and technology companies.

During the Hackathon, he will help you with electronics and Voltera for printing printed circuit boards.

Stefan Andonovski
3D designer

Stefan says that mechanical design always results in creating something new - that way, you will never be bored in your job again! He runs several projects in DEXIC FabLab.

He is a certified Autodesk professional and 3D designer that will help you with PCB or3D modelling and printing from a wide range of materials.

Evgeny Frolov, DEX Innovation Centre
Business Development and Fundraising Manager

Evgeny is a team member of the DEX Innovation Centre with long term experiences in the startup ecosystem. He was 3 years an ambassador of the international startup competition called Seedstars in the Czech Republic. He was also responsible for investor relations in ITACA Business Incubator, has a business experience not only in CEE but in CIS and Central Asian regions. He has 8 years of his own entrepreneurial experience in very different fields, organizes lectures and seminars about entrepreneurship.

Agata Mazepus, EY

Agata is a communications professional with a background in journalism, event organization and international relations. She currently works in the brand, marketing and communications department at EY. Before joining EY, Agata worked for a Czech travel startup Kiwi.com and prior to that she was a part of EIT InnoEnergy where she was responsible for projects like PowerUp! and Primer. As DEX IC mentor, Agata supports startups with their pitch, presentation and communication skills.

Pavlína Louženská

Pavlína is a Marketing, Product and Business Consultant with focus on technology, e-commerce and fashion companies. She is a Lead Mentor in Google for Startups for Europe and Africa, as well as in various other accelerators. She founded #HolkyzMarketingu, a female empowerment community which currently unites 24 000+ women. She is a Transparency International Board member and a Google Certified Trainer for Design Thinking. 

Pavel Bartoš, Happyend
Startup Expert

Pavel is a marketing expert focused on start-ups. Within the Happyend, where he is a co-founder, he helps to start-ups to find their ideal customer and build the whole start-up for the customer. He always works with data and facts instead of suppositions and thoughts. He acts as a mentor in the Google Launchpad, an incubator of European Space Agency, Czech invest and Vodafone Labs.

Lenka Kosková Třísková
AI Lecturer

Lenka is a Lecturer at Institute of New Technologies and Applied Informatics, responsible for lectures in Automata and language theory, Operational systems classes, Complexity and computability, Single-board computers and Compilers.

She will be happy to discuss and help you with the IoT matters. 

Michal Znamenáček
IT expert 

Michal started working during his studies as an IT expert in a small company - Cotrex in Jablonec nad Nisou. He found his passion for 3D printing and mechanical design & construction.

Michal and his colleague are currently working on their startup Wurep, building own 3D printers in collaboration with Blueberry 3D Print. He will guide you through Mechanical design.


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