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Virtual assistants are cool!

09. 08. 2021

As part of the MyVa project, we try to help those interested in their own business with starting a career as a Virtual Assistant.

The MyVa project wants to make it easier for those interested in their own business to start a new career. With the help of an educational program that we create together with other partners, the Mini MBA Training Package and Enterprise Plans are created, which will enable young people to acquire the most important knowledge and skills in order to become successful virtual assistants.

MyVA aims to develop a training program and a set of enterprise tools in multiple languages ​​(CZ DK, EN, ES, RO and SE) enabling VET teacher / trainers to support young people interested in setting up an enterprise as a ‘solopreneur’.

What exactly does MyVA bring?
Partners are working together for developing the following outputs to support Millennials and teachers in acquiring and accustoming with solopreneur businesses:

  • Mini MBA Training Package - which will help to accelerate the acquisition of the business knowledge and tools for setting up virtual enterprises targeted both to Millennials and VET teacher/trainers
  • Virtual Assistant Enterprise Plans - pre-prepared mini business planning templates for solopreneurs
  • Facilitator Guide - guideline/handbook designed for VET teachers/trainers to plan, guide and manage Millennials to ensure their objectives and training needs are met effectively

If you are interested in more information, contact us at vojtech.jira@dex-ic.com

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