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DEX IC at URBIS in Brno!

08. 06. 2024

DEX Innovation Centre recently participated in the three-day URBIS conference in Brno, dedicated to exploring advancements in smart cities, energy, climate, efficient public administration, future mobility, and innovative urban management.


June 5th was a day dedicated to energy. DEX IC proudly stands as the EIT InnoEnergy hub for the Czech Republic and as a project partner, in the Interreg Danube SMEnergy project. This innovative project is designed to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources among SMEs throughout the Danube Region and help them to save energy costs. The journey begins with a pilot program spanning the Czech Republic and eight additional countries. 

In 2025, selected SMEs from energy-intensive, diverse small and medium enterprises will test the tools and services co-created by our team and project partners. These include an Energy Transition Roadmap, a Green Energy Database and a Marketplace, along with the Green Energy Knowledge, Operation, and Service Hubs (GEKOS).

Our participation at Urbis opened doors to meaningful dialogues with energy specialists, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and joint efforts. SMEnergy empowers SMEs to adopt sustainable energy solutions, contributing to the long term sustainability of their cities, as well.

The same day, Helena Juraškova, the DEXIC project manager, participated at URBIS in a panel titled "Regional and European Cooperation as an Impulse for Territorial Development." She discussed opportunities for regional and European activities, the exchange of best practices, and problem-solving in collaboration with the City of Bystřice and JINAG. "Participating in the URBIS conference provided us with valuable insights into current urban challenges and potential solutions. While the event highlighted many areas for improvement, we remain hopeful that our shared experiences and knowledge will serve as inspiration not only for us, but also for other cities. We hope this will motivate them to engage in various projects that can improve urban life. Collaboration and sharing of best practices are crucial, and we believe that through joint efforts we can make significant progress in improving the quality of life in our cities." said Helena.

The conference covered various topics, including sustainable energy approaches, emission reduction, and climate adaptation. It also addressed modernizing public administration, enhancing urban mobility, and innovative transport technologies. On the final day, the focus was on innovative urban management and smart solutions, including the presentation of the new Living Lab project at BVV Trade Fairs Brno. The Living Lab will act as a testing ground for smart solutions and technologies in urban environments, promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors, academia, and research organizations.

The whole event offered an excellent opportunity for networking and establishing contacts with organizations involved in smart cities, energy, climate, and public administration. Collaboration between regions, cities, and organizations is crucial for sharing effective knowledge and working together on innovations to improve urban life.

DEX collaborates with the City of Bystřice on the Interreg Central project Promoter and with the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation (JINAG) on the Interreg Danube Be Ready project.

We are thrilled to have been part of URBIS. It was great to join important discussions and build valuable connections. Our involvement shows our dedication to innovation and working together to make cities smarter and more sustainable.

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