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SCI FI 2023: A Success story from Team 6

30. 01. 2024

The SCI FI program, or From Scientists to Innovators for Industry, is a unique course that helps young scientists transition from academic research to working in the pharma and medtech industries. DEX Innovation Centre is a proud partner of the SCI FI and is responsible for modules and cases included in the program. We are already planning the 2024 edition and we are excited to share more news in the near future!

Q: How do you feel now that your team has successfully completed the entire 2023 SCI FI program, culminating in an outstanding presentation?

A: Embarking on the 2023 SCI FI program was an enriching experience. Despite the inevitable stress associated with preparing the pitch deck and delivering the presentation in front of a jury and audience, it was an opportunity for growth and learning. I am pleased to share that our team, Team 6, was selected by the public as delivering the best presentation, which served as a gratifying conclusion to our collective effort.

Q: Regarding your expectations, do you find the course satisfying? Did the SCI FI team meet your expectations?

A: The full program, particularly the kick-off events and the final pitch presentation, exceeded my expectations. Connecting with numerous like-minded peers, primarily those in the Ph.D. phase looking to transition to industries, was highly satisfying. Beyond the lectures, the exchange of ideas, support, and motivation among colleagues was invaluable. While there is room for improvement in some lectures, the wealth of information shared during in-person events compensated for any shortcomings.

Q: As we strive for continuous improvement, was there anything missing for you personally or for your team?

A: While the in-person events contributed significantly to my knowledge, some online lectures failed to engage me, possibly due to a mismatch in teaching methodologies. Disappointment also arose during certain end-of-module seminars, where a lack of preparedness from the seminar facilitators was evident.

Q: Reflecting on the wealth of new information, connections with exceptional individuals, and exposure to brilliant ideas, what personal changes have you experienced as a result of the entire course? How has it influenced your current work and future aspirations?

A: In clichéd terms, the course significantly bolstered my self-confidence. Often, after years immersed in our Ph.D. studies, we underestimate our ability to transition to industries—an erroneous perception that this program dispelled. While not explicitly addressed, it instilled in me the confidence to nurture my potential, ultimately impacting my career trajectory positively.

Q: If friends or colleagues were to ask, “Why should I join SCI FI in 2024?” what would your response be?

A: I recommend the full program to anyone seeking to connect with like-minded peers and share experiences. The ample support from mentors and industry professionals, who generously share their knowledge, adds immense value. Personally, our team benefited significantly from an outstanding mentor, and our meetings were filled with enriching, profound conversations. Additionally, we had the invaluable opportunity to collaborate on our ideas with industry experts.

You can read our previous interview with Joao Victor Cabral here.

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