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Which challenges does the project NEXT target?

In the short term, AI will create new jobs and in the long term, AI can be used to transform society. To make the transition to AI happen, we need to kick-start the engagement of citizens, especially young people, and stakeholders (youth associations, policy makers) who will create a critical mass of bottom-up support for top-down efforts through the transfer of new key competencies and skills.

For whom is NEXT?

Which objectives does the project NEXThave?

#NEXT will aim to increase the critical thinking, creativity, and decision-making skills of young people (18-30) and youth workers and increase their active participation in civic life on how to shape and or build AI norms for leading society to trust AI and AI-related ecosystem.

What are the project outputs?

Any Questions?

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This project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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