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The New Generation Skills Interest Group was looking for opportunities to create a business support infrastructure

21. 03. 2018

On Monday, March 5, 2018, a meeting of the New Generation Skills and Innovation Laboratories Group took place at the Cultural Center Vratislavice 101010. Innovation Laboratory concept and the services that could be offered were discussed during the afternoon.

The NGS Local Expert Interest Group is a collaborative platform which consists of volunteers representing small and medium-sized companies, education institutions, public administration and the general public interested in developing civil society. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Technical University of Liberec and Student Business Club TUL, the Regional Office, CzechInvest, the Chamber of Commerce and Lipo.ink. The companies were represented by Jan Tvrzník from Biano, a project that was created by Miton Group, and representatives of a company Lavaliere.

The key points of the discussion were the entrepreneurial culture in the region, the problems of ICT facilities at primary and secondary schools, the services and equipment of the Innovation Laboratory in Liberec. The participants of the event looked for new opportunities to create a functional infrastructure that would support the synergies of all organizations in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation in Liberec region. The discussion showed that mutual dialogue and cooperation can lead to efficiency and create a background for young entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups.

The first successful meeting of the interest group took place in April 2017 at Grand Hotel Imperial in the form of Business Breakfast. This time, the meeting was held as a part of the Grand Final DEXIC Boot Camp organized in the framework of Accelerator project. Its aim is to improve startups, their strategy and pitching. The meeting ended with the announcement of the competition winners.

Both projects, the New Generation Skills and Accelerator, we organize to fulfill our mission, to support the development of the society through innovation and technology. We are currently preparing an acceleration program for six selected startups. I will be held for three weeks at the end of May and beginning of  June. Call for applications will be open at the beginning of April. We recommend watching the news on our website.

Project co-funded by the European Union (ERDF, IPA). 

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