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Startup Europe Week 2017

11. 02. 2017

On 6th February 2017, a second edition of the event „Startup Europe Week“ took place in Liberec. Liberec, as well as Prague and Brno, became one of three Czech cities which was given the opportunity to organize this European initiative for start-up businesses. This event was held in the same week in more than 220 cities from 40 European countries.

The European Week of support for start-ups was created with an aim to connect all the European regions in a common program for start-ups. The format of these events was taken from the Silicon Valley. As Europe is different, it is needed to adapt the format to the European aspects, which are diverse. In the formation of the European start-ups, there play an important role mainly differences between particular regions, an absence of the common market, but also a local political framework. The European regions are the key players, who provide support services for establishing, development and funding of start-ups.

For attendees of the event, there was prepared very interesting program – in five presentations there were introduced concrete possibilities of support for the start-ups in Liberec region and also shown some ways how to create a partnership with corporations. Mr. Martin Půta as the Governor of Liberec Region presented possibilities of support of start-ups from the side of Liberec Region, Mr. Antonín Ferdan spoke about Idea management in Škoda Auto, a. s. Mr. Martin Javnický from DEX Innovation Centre spoke about innovation partnership of start ups and corporations and Mr. Michal Štefan introduced new initiatives in Liberec region: projects Accelerator and NewGenerationSkills. This edition has also the good practice example, Mr. Stanislav Šťastný from SunGarden, who introduced his project of EKOpark.

The event was attended by 50 people. Among these participants, there were representatives of the public, young people and students, who plan to start their own business, and also people who established their start-ups already. During a panel discussion, there were heard interesting questions aimed to all speakers. The questions concerned mainly the start-up ecosystem in the region, the attendees were interested also in good practices.

From this well-attended event and from the interest of people who attended we can conclude that the event was interesting for the people and that it is good to organize similar actions for start-ups and that it is good to provide a support to people who are interested in this area, ideally in cooperation with local successful entrepreneurs, who can pass their knowledge and motivate by this the others.

Photos, all presentations from the event, videos and other feedbacks you can find below.

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