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The Open HoCare2.0 International Conference is over and the project is coming to an end, but we're moving on!

15. 06. 2022

The final open trans-regional public conference HoCare2.0 organised by our Czech partners of the project took place on 15 June and is now successfully over. The event which took place virtually focused on presenting practical examples and approaches of co-creation and open innovation demonstrated in pilot tests from 6 countries. We engaged 20 SMEs and public service providers in the development of innovative products and services for home care.

The final HoCare2.0 conference brought the latest information on the development of digital solutions for home care. 

It was a pleasure to present the outputs of the project to more than 80 participants, as well as the information and the opportunity to meet with experts, health and home care professionals who discussed the latest innovations in the digitalisation of health and social care.

What did we focus on during the conference? 
In the beginning, the CTRIA representative Istavn Hegedus devoted his presentation to introducing the project, its goals and the steps that led us to it, so that we could give everyone the opportunity to know what the goal of our conference was right from the start.

In the next part we focused on concrete examples of what has been created, so we could hear presentations about projects such as Video consultation with assistance, Cerebrum, or Social Ambulance, which is founded by the Institute for social services Prague 4.

But we did not forget to focus on entrepreneurs and their projects that were created within the SME pilots. We focused on their outcomes, journey but also learninngs from their development.

The final part was dedicated to a panel discussion with project partners, SME representatives and public service providers -
Ákos Szépvölgyi (CTRIA - HU), Ferenc Weigl (NDGH - HU), Matteo Donelli (CCC - IT)

During more than two hours we presented the most interesting things that were created in the project, but also discussed together the differences and similarities in each country and looked for good examples that are transferable to our territories.

We would like to thank all participants and speakers for their expert contributions but also for their personal experiences that they contributed to this final meeting.

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