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Co-creation Lab in the Czech Republic successfully established!

10. 02. 2020

Representatives of companies, public administration, universities and research institutions and organizations providing social care have met all together in Prague. They discussed common problems and further cooperation in the HoCare2.0 project. These participants will be part of the Co-creation Lab in the Czech Republic.

It was the first one in a series of meetings of the Czech Co-creation Lab whose main function is to support the usage of co-creation process in the development of new products and services for ​​health and social care. We introduced HoCare2.0 project and our current activities. Our goal was to define the needs of people in need of home care from the point of view of services and home care products.

We also focused on one of the most important outputs of the project - SME and Policy tools. These tools will serve as a guide for SMEs and public service providers and for the development of new products or services. The goal is to use a co-creation process that involves all important stakeholders in the development process, including end-users. These tools guide SMEs and public service providers through the product design process and help to create user-friendly products and services. Together with all participants, we discussed the first version of these tools, its strengths and weaknesses and ideas for improvement.

In the second part of the meeting, we defined specific needs that are important to SMEs and the Institute of Social Services in Prague 4. Based on these needs, they will create new products and services using the Tools. These needs are based on the experience of the individual participants, but above all on the experience of those working with persons in need of social care services.

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