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Currently open opportunities: Start your business from home as a Virtual Assistant

10. 11. 2022

We would meet you during the our course called How to become a virtual assistant. We will meet in Liberec. The first course takes place on the 23th of November 2022. The second course is planned on the 30th of November 2022. What you can expect? Read further.

Do you want to get the opportunity to work as a freelancer and remotely? Come and try our course on how to become a virtual assistant, which really has a lot of remote working possibilities. 

Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs with small but also challenging tasks, making their jobs easier while running their own business

We have a course that will show you options, help you understand what such work looks like and last but not least, provide you with a huge amount of worksheets and materials to make everything easier?

Oh, and best of all: it's free.

A virtual assistant course will give you the right focus on the main agenda and must-have skills. Not only email communication and phone calls, but the general overview, so neccessary of each Virtual Assistent. So if you're skilled into graphics, administration, communications, translating text and making research, or even event management, come check out our course to learn more.

How will it work? We will meet together twice, for about 3 hours each time. We'll introduce you to all the things a Virtual Assistent can manage and the possibilities. We'll look at how to develop your own business plan and how to improve it and your product itself.

Wednesday 23.11.2022
Wednesday 30.11.2022


Check your callender and register now HERE.


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