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Initiatives InnoSchool and SoDiCe bring a new topic, social innovative entrepreneurship with technologies, to schools

12. 02. 2018

The DEX Innovation Centre’s initiative InnoSchool (Strengthening social innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of secondary schools´ students by using highly innovative Learning System) was invited to the 5th International Stakeholder Conference of the EUSDR PA9 with the subtitle 'The Future of Work: A World of New and Changing Skills' which took place in Moldava, autumn 2017. Representative of DEX Innovation Centre, Jan Kubalík, succefully presented InnoSchool Learning System.  The conference was organized by the Danube Region Strategy, which addresses 12 strategic areas for the development of the Danube Region. 

We are pleased with the interest in InnoSchool Learning System that focuses on the education of high school students and strengthens their entrepreneurial knowledge in the field of social innovation. 11 partners from 9 countries follow this initiative and will jointly implement an innovative education system. InnoSchool Learning System is based on combining of teacher’s guidance and lecturing with on-line simulations using the serious game. Attractiveness for students will be achieved by competition and social networks. In 9 countries, a pilot will take place involving a total of 90 schools. We plan to incorporate Innoschool Learning System to territorial curricula to ensure sustainable change. At this time, the members of the InnoSchool initiative has reached a point where it needs to be supported financially so we requested funding under the 2nd Interreg Danube Call. Now we are waiting for results.  We will inform you when we will have some news. 

We believe social entrepreneurship and the introduction of attractive forms of learning based on interaction, experiential learning and modern technologies are perceived as key and beneficial to future lifes of children and to development of society. So we initiate SoDiCe, a program for primary school pupils aged 12 to 13 years. SoDiCe Learning System attracts pupils by introduction of serious game and digital kits for kids for virtual simulations, joined with teacher´s lecturing and guidance sessions to maximize educational impact through experiential learning, and by inclusion of social media and interschool competition aspects. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit among young people, the ability to tackle social entrepreneurship and acceptance of technologies for new social innovations . We also plan 6 pilots in different European countries, involving 60 schools.   The inclusion of SoDiCe Learning System to the territorial curriculum will be also developed.

We believe that both initiatives, InnoSchool as well as SoDiCe, will be financially supported and that we will soon send you positive reports on their start of implementation.

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